What Does 24x7x4 Support Mean for Your Business?

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Parker July 01, 2022

Park Place Technologies’ 7x24x4 support is the most responsive Service Level Agreement (SLA) we offer. This Level 1 coverage stipulates support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, along with a 4-hour response window. It offers clients the highest level of assurance that equipment malfunction and/or parts replacement will be handled by our engineers in a timely manner, and is best suited for mission critical systems. Continue reading below to learn more about what 7x24x4 support can do for your business! 

What Does “7x24x4” Mean? 

Recall, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) acts as a contract between service provider and customer mandating the expected service requirements when it comes to aspects of timeliness and availability. 

So, the “x4” alludes to a 4-hour response, meaning we have 4 hours to acknowledge that a ticket has been opened (however, more often than not engineers respond within 30 minutes or less of receiving a ticket). Within that window our engineers will have responded directly to your IT team, begun to remotely diagnose the issue, and if necessary, deployed a field engineer out to your facility.  

What Does My 7x24x4 Support Contract Include? 

7x24x4 support includes helpdesk, monitoring, onsite engineers, and full parts replacement. For x4 contracts we’ll automatically place onsite spares containing higher fail rate parts at the location of the equipment and backfill those as they are used. This includes stocking the closest parts depot to your data center facility with parts for the contract as well.  

At the onset of the contract, clients gain access to Park Place Technologies’ support portal, Central Park, but can also contact support to open tickets or request parts replacements by simply emailing your service representative. Most importantly, we will never quote an interested party at 7x24x4 if we don’t believe we can meet the service level agreement. 

In What Instances is 7x24x4 Support My Best Option? 

  • Devices that are EOSL 

End of Service Life (EOSL) systems are those 5+ year old devices that are no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer, and subsequently, aftermarket parts availability is limited. With 2400+ forward-stocking locations globally, Park Place has access to high-quality spares from just about any and every server, storage, and switch manufacturer—whether your system is just 5 years old, or 15.  

  • Mission Critical Hardware Where Replacement is Necessary within NBD 

Mission critical environments include systems in which failure would disrupt everyday business operations. In such cases, maintaining onsite spares kits, establishing remote monitoring, and securing a 7x24x4 SLA is of paramount importance. 

What if I Want Something Less Demanding? 

Your data center is complex. Not all equipment requires 24/7 monitoring with a four hour response window. And conversely, some systems need a bit more than just NBD parts. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to support which is why Park Place Technologies offers an extensive range of support levels. 

Popular SLA Tiers 

Our three base service level agreements offer varying degrees of service response time and hardware; these adjustable service levels allow you to increase or decrease service timeliness and add or drop equipment from your contract at any time to align with shifting data center needs. By prioritizing SLA flexibility, we ensure our clients can get the services they need without having to spend on the features they don’t: 

Level 1 – 7/24/4 

7 days a week, 24 hours a day, reaction within 4 hours 

  • 7×24 Help Desk 
  • 7×24 Monitoring 
  • Initial Phone-Based Diagnosis 
  • Field Engineer on-site (if required) within 4 hours after customer contact 
  • On-Site Spares Kit 
  • Parts Replacement 
  • Certified Experts 

Level 2 – 5/9/4 

8 hours a day, 5 working days per week, reaction within 4 hours 

  • 8am-5pm Help Desk 
  • 8am-5pm Monitoring 
  • Initial Phone-Based Diagnosis 
  • Field Engineer on-site (if required) within 4 hours after customer contact 
  • On-Site Spares Kit 
  • Parts Replacement 
  • Certified Experts 

Level 3 – Next Day 

Next business day response/parts 

  • Initial Phone-Based Diagnosis  
  • Field Engineer on-site (if required) the following business day after customer contact 
  • On-Site Spares Kit 
  • Parts Replacement 
  • Certified Experts 

Secure Your 7x24x4 Support Today! 

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. Consequently, how quickly IT is able to resolve data center malfunction can be the difference between minimal delays and highly expensive downtime. Don’t go at it alone. Get the highly responsive third party hardware support your mission critical equipment requires and talk to a Park Place representative about our 7x24x4 support option today!

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