Network Intelligence You Can Trust

Fix quickly. Monitor proactively. Manage efficiently.

Do more with your network data

We understand the needs of the modern network engineer. Customers demand better user experiences, the business must provide faster services, and data is becoming bigger and more complex. You’re not just a network engineer – you keep the business running. How do you meet all these challenges and fix network problems, whilst being flooded with more alerts than ever? Hardly seems fair.

Entuity Network Analytics is designed for you. Right out of the box, ENA helps you find the insights that matter. We reduce network alerts down to a manageable number so you can quickly identify and fix problems. Arrange your network in hierarchies that make sense to you, so you can quickly drill down and find the root cause of network problems. Delivering the most powerful dashboard builder in the industry, ENA enables you to report on the network data important to you.

  • Reduce network alerts

    Event rules, event suppressions and conditional triggers reduce network alerts and noise, so you can focus on the most important issues.

  • Fix issues fast

    Simplified network management software turns hours of work into seconds. Find the root cause of problems with real-time, proactive network analytics.

  • Enterprise scalability

    Easily gauge how your network data impacts business services across a unified database with unlimited scale.

Your network is the heartbeat of your business

  • Network outage costs are estimated at $5,600 a minute. An outage of just one hour would cost a business $300,000. Your network is the underlying fabric of every service, every application, every transaction

  • Your employees rely on the network to maintain productivity. Your customers rely on the network to enjoy the services you offer. Your network connects your business to the world.

  • What happens when a network is performing? It disappears from view. An optimized network is an invisible network. Entuity Network Analytics simplifies network monitoring and enhances network performance, so you can concentrate on delivering great experiences.

Proactive and customizable network management

Your customers rely on you to keep their networks performing. In today’s fast-moving world, its not enough to simply wait for something to break and then fix it. Every minute of network downtime is lost revenue and goodwill.

What if you could evolve from reactive to proactive fixing, and call customers before they call you? Or predict things were about to fail before they failed? How about offering your customers as broad or granular a view of their network health and data as they wanted? With Entuity Network Analytics, you can do all this and more. Differentiate yourself from the competition with unmatched network management, customization and multi-tenancy.