Park Place Technologies Introduces IP Address Management Functionality to Entuity Software™

May 18, 2023

IPAM to simplify and automate the administration of several tasks related to IP space management for Entuity users, including raising incidents and events and gathering DHCP server scope details.

CLEVELAND, May 5, 2023 – Park Place Technologies, the leading global data center and networking optimization firm, launched a new iteration of its on-prem enterprise network monitoring solution, Entuity Software™, with Entuity v21.0. The most significant change from previous versions of Entuity is the addition of IPAM (IP Address Management) functionality that enables users to plan, track, and manage the IP address space used in their network in the context of IPv4/v6 networks and subnets.

Park Place Technologies’ development of Entuity in 2019 brought on a key component to Park Place’s multi-vendor service delivery model, offering customers monitoring, automated maintenance, Network Operations Center (NOC) services, event management, probable cause, and IT Data Analytics across a single pane of glass. Entuity v21.0 enhances these offerings with:

  • IP Address Management (IPAM)

View/add/edit/import IP networks, schedule and manually run scans of networks, view IP addresses within a selected network, view/add/edit/delete DHCP servers, and raise incidents and events for when IPAM IP usage exceeds a threshold and when an IPAM conflict is found.

  • Keyboard Navigation Accessibility Enhancement

Introduction of WCAG guideline-compliant functionality enabling keyboard navigation of the Entuity UI without the need to use a mouse. A user can navigate through input fields, forms, tables, dashboards, and context menus, as well as trigger buttons and selections.

  • Multi-Server Administration Enhancements

Enhancements to administration of multi-server installations for improved efficiency in maintaining identical server configurations across multiple remote servers. This includes addition of server configuration sets, UI overhaul of user account/user group/user external authentication management, and the addition of a new View Management page.

  • Multi-Server Topology Enhancements

Addition of Topology Group functionality, enabling users to group Entuity servers such that they can share topology information and discover and monitor changes to links between devices managed on the different Entuity servers within the group, and removing the need to manually create links between devices across different servers.

  • VMware Monitoring Enhancements

Addition of support for new VMware metrics and individual system Summary dashboards to monitor data. Enhancements to Hypervisor, Virtual Machine (VM), Virtual Switch (VSwitch) Summary dashboards. Enhancements to VM Platform Summary dashboards in the context of VM platforms that have a virtualization platform type of VMware vCenter or ESXi. Addition of new virtualization incidents and events and the addition of new virtualization thresholds.

“Support for network devices, software-defined platforms, and applications with the incorporation of IPAM functionality will make a big difference for all Entuity v21.0 customers,” said David Cramer, President, Solutions Delivery at Park Place Technologies. “With the addition of IP Address Management, users of Entuity can expect improved network stability, enhanced network security, easier administration, and of course centralized address management.”

Entuity v21.0 enhancements are the latest to Entuity since v20.0, which launched on April 24, 2022. Notable additions and enhancements introduced with Entuity v20.0 included configuration monitoring and management enhancements, added functionality for managing firmware updates, new storage performance metrics, custom webhooks, enhanced user-defined REST API pollers, and remote poller connectivity enhancements.

Entuity v21.0 was predominantly based on customer feature requests in line with the Park Place Technologies commitment to best-in-class customer support and service. New network monitoring customers will be automatically onboarded to Entuity v21.0, while existing Entuity customers have the option to upgrade to the latest version, if they choose.  

Learn more information about Entuity Software™ here.