Automation Maximizes ROI on Digital Investments in ANZ and Beyond

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Case Allin Published: October 29, 2019

Ultimately, automation is about saving time and so is Park Place’s maintenance and support.

An compelling tidbit from Gartner’s report Digital Business Transformation: An Australia Perspective—time-savings is the most important ROI metric for top digital performers. There is a real interest in tapping automation to get more done, more quickly and with less investment of staffing resources.

Of course, myriad possibilities exist for automating the data center. The software-defined network (SDN), for example, will require far less manual intervention, and composable infrastructure will facilitate provisioning. The transition toward these newer and often still expensive technologies, however, can be a barrier. Fortunately, there are also turnkey automation options available—one of them in data center maintenance.

Automating Troubleshooting & Response

Park Place Technologies introduced ParkView, our proactive hardware monitoring system, to much fanfare. It was immediately deemed a key innovation in the IT support space, and it is helping clients save plenty of time. In fact, Cincinnati Bell in the U.S. is saving over eight hours per week because they don’t have to travel to data centers and check on hardware. And that doesn’t count the reduced vehicle wear and tear!

Here’s how ParkView does it:

  • Park Place works with the client to securely connect ParkView to covered systems for 24/7 remote monitoring.
  • The machine learning algorithms in ParkView go to work on all the data collected across the environment.
  • Always-on fault detection raises an alert whenever there is something wrong, and over time, the system “gets smarter” about identifying issues in their earliest stages, or even in advance.
  • The system automatically engages in a triage process to determine the malfunctioning hardware and the root cause.
  • ParkView then files a trouble ticket directly with Park Place Technologies, without requiring any intervention or details from client staff.
  • Our field engineers are armed with full information straight from ParkView regarding the product, its contract status, the spare parts required, and so on. They prepare a solution and head to the site.

We’ve found that ParkView accelerated our already quick-turnaround break-fix response by 31%. For clients, that means less downtime in the data center, without having to allocate more staff time to maintenance and support.

The Full Complement

Importantly, ParkView isn’t another stand-alone widget to add to an already complex infrastructure. The solutions comes as part of a full support package, which simplifies the maintenance picture:

  • Clients benefit from access to a full cadre of experts, who know the OEMs’ products, from NetApp storage to Juniper networking gear.
  • Park Place’s ability to handle products from every major hardware manufacturer means customers gain a “one stop shop” for their post-warranty support needs.
  • Flexible SLAs enable clients to set the right level of support for each piece of equipment and change hardware and support coverage as the environment evolves.
  • Supply depots are strategically positioned worldwide for rapid delivery to every client location, and our “follow the sun” Support Center ensures language-appropriate customer service available whenever and wherever needed.
  • Central Park, our full-service portal, makes everything visible through a single pane of glass, facilitating engaged management of the contract and each trouble call.

Ultimately, automation is about saving time and so is Park Place’s maintenance and support. We leverage technologies, deep experience in the field, and personalized service to reduce the data center maintenance burden for our clients and enhance the value and ROI they earn from their hardware investments.

The best part, we promise to save customers at least 50% off any OEM contract from Day 1. Get the specifics by requesting a quote above.

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity