Automation of IT Asset Management (ITAM) to fit the Digital Age Part 2


Paul Mercina March 30, 2021

Part 1: Introducing ParkView Discovery™ as an alternative, end-to-end automated service

When it comes to keeping track of assets in your estate and understanding and leveraging interdependencies, isolated ITAM & CMDB tools appear no longer fit for purpose in a globally networked, cloud and app driven world. Today’s ITAM needs to be agile, automated and pervasive across the entire estate. Gone are the days of pre-scheduling and discovery mapping at a given point in time, systematically stored in spreadsheets. It’s now about ongoing, true auto  discovery with predictive purpose to make your estate leaner, cleaner, compliant, and dependable for digital empowerment.

ParkView Discovery™ – the first pillar of ParkView’s Managed Services™ – introduces automation and intelligence into the previously static world of Asset Management discovery. As a subscription hosted service, ParkView Discovery™ users get to identify all their assets across a global network and in the cloud through comprehensive discovery tools, holistically and in real-time. Agentless discovery automatically occurs right across the estate:- from the O/S; to networking tools; to virtual machines, to storage and into the data center itself – in short, if it exists on your network, ParkView Discovery™ will find, capture and track it. Armed with these levels of auto discovery, answers to common IT questions such as, “What’s changed? What depends on this asset? What does this asset rely on to operate optimally? What would be the upstream/downstream consequences of any changes? When was it last updated?” come fast and centrally from a source  of truth that understands depenandancies before an issue can arise.

Access the Right Data for the Right Decisions:

From a here, automated reports are generated while in  various operational states. Complete device details can be captured including, CPU state, IP address, serial number, warranty status and tagged via business unit. This state of continuous discovery not only provides detailed location reporting with pin-point accuracy, including granular details such as which element lives in which data center aisle and rack location, but it also flags anomalies such as which purchased apps remain unused or versions of prohibited software. Under ParkView Discovery™,  Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) is also enabled allowing users to align their most critical apps to their highest performing assets. Infrastructures use the aggregated data to move from fire-fighting to a state of forward planning and predictive service mapping to enable better decision making up and downstream, to ensure that assets and apps align. Even before an app is migrated, it’s essential to understand which assets will support its rollout. ParkView’s ADM details patches, compares usage licence agreements and highlights vulnerabilities. Armed with the right data, it’s the turn of the legal department to confidently extrapolate consistent reports to meet compliancy requirements. Again, accessed from one central source, serving across the organization.

At the backend, seamless ingestion into service management platforms is guaranteed to log incidents and to capture change management. ParkView Discovery™ has an extensive API library and integrations with major ITSM tools like ServiceNow, Freshservice, Cherwell, and DevOps tools such as Jira and Splunk, alongside automation tools such as Puppet.

Only by using dynamic asset management for discovery can true holistic management of entire estates occur. The unforeseen conditions delivered over the past few years serve to highlight how fast situations can change in IT. Even in normal climates, usage conditions change over time. The differences between ‘as operating’ and ‘as designed’ are staggering, so it’s key to be able to access resources that meet downstream business needs without having to remap your entire estate. New service-based approaches need to be adopted that actively extend life of assets but equally flag when assets should be realistically retired because of high operating costs. Remapping is hard at the best of times, but impossible without accurate information from which to make critical decisions. Predictability is key.

The good news is that your options have opened dramatically from shared spreadsheets of the last decade. With a solution such as ParkView Discovery™, IT moves from reactive to predictive, reallocating their highly skilled resources and time they used to spend consumed with cycles of discovery instead to considering how transformational apps can make a real difference to help businesses bounce back as fast as possible over the next few years. Across the organization – ops, procurement, security, finance, legal, facilities, management – are all beneficiaries through one dependable dynamic source to make significant decisions to empower business growth.

About the Author

Paul Mercina, Director, Product Management Marketing
Paul Mercina brings over 20 years of experience in IT center project management to Park Place Technologies, where he oversees the product roadmap, growing the services portfolio, end-to-end development and release of new services to the market. His work is informed by 10+ years at Diebold Nixdorf, where he worked closely with software development teams to introduce new service design, supporting implementation of direct operations in a number of countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe.