Continuing your HP N4000 support (RP7400)

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Drew Teller Published: October 11, 2012

You are not alone if you are looking to continue your N4000 support (RP7400).  The N4000 was built during a time when HP was on top of the server world and this product was one of their best.  It was built to last and it surely has.  We hear from customers on a regular basis that they don’t want to upgrade equipment just because it has become end of support life.   They want to know what options they have an whom can they trust?

The good news is there are some reputable companies who can provide you with everything you need and you may find the support is better than what you got from HP.

Everyone is familiar with Third Party Support but the question is, who do you trust?  The answer should be a company who has the experience, can provide you with both hardware and O/S support, has parts and engineers locally and has their business focused only on support.

Don’t be forced to migrate to newer equipment if you business doesn’t dictate it.  You have options that can extend the life of your equipment until you determine it is time to migrate.

Did you know the OEMs regularly use Third Parties to provide their field support because they have the flexibility, aptitude and support levels required to meet HP’s service levels.  Customers have realized they too should take advantage of this expertise and are welcoming support companies who fulfill their requirements.

Oh, and as a side note and added bonus, you can expect to save a significant amount of money too.

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