Dell Dset Reports — Are They Always Necessary for PowerEdge Support?

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Drew Teller Published: October 03, 2012

Dell Dset reports certainly have their place and functionality but when it comes to running them on every support issue, it can be a frustrating and unnecessary exercise.When calling Dell support for your PowerEdge equipment, many times you are acutely aware of what your hardware failure is and just want to get the part replaced.  Because Dell has so many levels of support and so many procedures to follow, a simple process becomes time consuming and frustrating.
There is a way to overcome this frustration.  Third Party support will allow you to choose whom you feel is best suited to provide your support and will give you options to move much quicker when an issue arises, especially when compared to Dell.  A good Third Party support company will be nimble and knowledgeable enough to only require you to run Dset when necessary in the troubleshooting process, which isn’t very often.  This will allow you to get resolution to your issue much faster and back to things that are productive for your company.

Your first response might be “Third Party support is great and allows me to avoid Dell support but that is only after my initial support contract expires.  Until then, I still have to call Dell for in warranty issues.”  That is true for support providers with one exception.  An IN TOUCH support program includes many things, one of which is One Contract/One Contact which includes taking in warranty calls for you at no additional charge so you can avoid having to call Dell support.

When considering Third Party support providers, make sure the company can provide the support you need and has programs in place, like IN TOUCH, that demonstrates their willingness to go above and beyond for you.  There are viable support options that allow you to avoid the pitfalls of working with Dell and actually provide you with more overall services.

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