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Ryan Platten Published: November 20, 2013

Park Place Technologies offers maintenance services for NonStop devices as part of its HP support solution.

The more important the hardware, the more valuable maintenance and operating system support services are. In the case of HP NonStop devices, maintenance services are vital.

Initially introduced by Tandem in 1974, NonStop servers are built around a self-healing architecture. This is accomplished through component redundancy. Having multiple instances of each component within the same machine ensures that equipment failure does not lead to an outage. As a result, NonStop servers are used in some of the most essential operational settings, such as emergency response and telecommunications. NonStop devices are also used in financial services and to support mission-critical retail operations.

IT leaders using NonStop servers depend heavily on proper functionality and often use devices well beyond the end-of-service (EOS) period. Furthermore, HP support, though good, is expensive. This creates an environment in which third-party hardware maintenance can benefit organizations substantially. The NonStop server support climate is fairly complex in nature. Tandem, the original developer of NonStop solutions, was purchased by Compaq in 1997. When HP acquired Compaq in 2002 it began moving the line of devices forward by introducing Itanium processors into servers and renaming the line HP Integrity NonStop. The Integrity NS1000, NS14000 and NS16000 devices were released in 2005, replacing the S-Series solutions that Tandem initially released prior to be being purchased by Compaq in 1997.

Importance of NonStop support

Support for NonStop devices is essential, as a significant number of servers in the sector are no longer supported by the OEM. Most of the S-Series servers reached the EOS period in 2011. The rest of the S-Series systems will hit EOS in the middle of 2013. Furthermore, HP will begin moving some Integrity NonStop systems into the EOS phase in mid-2013. Organizations hoping to avoid a hardware refresh may want to seriously consider third-party maintenance and support. NonStop devices present organizations with a unique opportunity to maximize their investments by developing a maintenance partnership. NonStop devices can be extremely expensive, but they often last much longer than the OEM service life. Having a third-party partnership enables IT managers to continue using NonStop devices beyond the EOS implementation and gives them access to supplementary services that can be invaluable.

Models Supported:

  • S88000, S78000, S7800, S780, and S78 (S-Series)
  • NS1000, NS1200, NS2000, NS2200, NS14000, NS14200
  • NS16000 and NS162000 (first, second, third & fourth wave)
  • NB50000c, NB54000c (BladeSystem)

To learn more about HP NonStop support services from Park Place Technologies, call a representative at 877-778-8707 or request a quote.

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