International Data Center Day 2022: Building a Brighter Future Through Technology Advocacy

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Parker July 01, 2022

International Data Center Day 2022 is right around the corner! This year the holiday falls on March 23, 2022. As we all get ready to celebrate #intldatacenterday, it’s important to reflect on why this holiday was created in the first place, as well as what it helps us achieve. 

When Was International Data Center Day Established? 

International Data Center Day was established by 7×24 Exchange International in 2018. Consequently, this year will mark the fourth annual celebration of festivities. According to 7×24 Exchange International, the holiday is “designed to create awareness of the data center industry and to inspire the next generation of talent.” 

What Is International Data Center Day All About? 

The purpose of this holiday is twofold. First, data centers open their doors to the public to help educate them about what they do, the role they play in everyday life, and how they work. In addition, they help to offset the staffing challenges the industry continually faces by introducing new generations to the world of data center technology and operability, explaining potential career paths within the field, and more. 

The Staffing Challenge 

Ask any data center employee and you’ll get the same answer – there’s an ongoing talent shortage affecting the industry. Without skilled, passionate, trained personnel in key positions, data centers cannot run smoothly. When disruptions occur, it means severe problems for businesses and consumers, lost revenue, damaged data, and more. 

According to SHRM, 73% of respondents to its survey reported experiencing or expecting challenges when recruiting technologists and filling open tech positions. Another survey conducted by TalentLMS found that of 1,200 surveyed IT workers, 72% of them planned to quit their jobs within the next year. 

SHRM goes on to point out that Gartner conducted a similar survey and identified key areas that will be affected by the talent shortage, including: 

  • Computer infrastructure and platform services 
  • Storage and database systems 
  • Network systems and security 
  • Digital workplace systems 
  • Automation 

But what does this mean for the data center industry? Simply put – it is becoming more and more challenging to locate the talent necessary to keep these facilities running smoothly. International Data Center Day 2022 is one of only a few opportunities to get around the challenge and appeal directly to the next generation of technologists. The SHRM survey noted that “HR leaders need to be open-minded about where talent comes from and embrace unconventional paths to tech by using more inclusive hiring strategies.” 

International Data Center Day 2022 is a prime example of this type of strategy put into action. 

How Can You Get Involved? 

Whether you’ve experienced a data center staffing shortage firsthand or you’re looking to offset such a shortage in the future, getting involved with International Data Center Day 2022 is important. How can you do that, though? You’ll find a wide range of options and we’ll explore them below. 

Government Agencies and Offices 

Want to help build skills and guide young people into technology jobs? Announce your agency or office’s support for the data center industry by placing a banner on your website or using a proclamation declaration. You can download a proclamation letter/request form right from the International Data Center Day website. 

Data Center/Technology Industry 

It’s critical for data centers and technology industry organizations to do their part in building the skills they’ll need to thrive in the future. You can do this in several different ways, ranging from simple to more in-depth options. 

Tours: Open your data center to the public and offer guided tours. Make sure the guide is knowledgeable and can explain not just what everything does, but why it’s important and the role the data center plays in the life of the business. 

Sponsor: You can also become a sponsor for 7×24 Exchange International. This allows you to contribute financially while benefiting from brand building. 

Internships: Take direct action by creating new tech-related internships within your data center or promoting the internships you already offer. These provide potential candidates with hands-on training and build their familiarity with the data center environment, as well as the teams required to operate one. 

Become a Mentor: 7×24 Exchange International offers the opportunity to join the organization’s mentorship programs. This allows your experts to take a direct role in helping to build the skills of the next generation of technology workers. 

Education Outlets 

From universities and colleges to tech schools, it’s possible to take an active role in promoting the growth of technology work. You can maximize the visibility of and access to related scholarships, or work to create new scholarships/grants specific to building skills needed by data center workers. 

Parents and Teachers 

Finally, even parents and teachers have a role to play in encouraging students to build their technology skills. Elementary, middle, high school, and college-age students can all take part in age-appropriate skill development activities that encourage them to consider this career path. 

Park Place Technologies: Building the Future of the Data Center Industry 

As a leading third party IT support provider, Park Place Technologies is committed to doing our part to build the industry and encourage learners of all ages to consider a career in the tech sector. As can be seen by our iWish, Breakthrough Schools, and CoderDojo involvement, we’re passionate about inspiring the next generation of learners and taking an active role in building rewarding career opportunities around the world. 

For more information on International Data Center Day 2022, please visit: 7×24 Exchange International.

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