Keep HPE Apollo 6000 High-Performance Computing Systems Alive with Third Party Support

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Michael Jennings July 06, 2021

In Greek myth, Lazarus rose from the ashes, but at HPE, it was the Apollo brand that was resurrected. Originally a 1980s Hewlett-Packard acquisition, which was shuttered in the 1990s, Apollo was revived in 2014 as part of the company’s high-performance computing line.

Now enterprises that have installed these impressive supercomputers are looking for affordable but equally high-quality alternatives to HPE’s OEM maintenance.

Park Place Technologies has an answer—our HPE support contracts.

A Powerful Converged System

The Apollo 6000 is high-density system with converged compute and storage, plus networking and cooling onboard. Storage capacity is in the hundreds of terabytes per chassis.

HPE Apollo is widely recognized for efficiently delivering scalability and parallelism in limited rack space. Appropriate for big data analytics and other intensive applications, the hardware represents a different and compelling approach to SDS—even the likes of Intel turned to Apollo for electronics design automation work.

The point being, enterprises that acquired such massively powerful and eco-conscious, water-cooled systems want to extract maximum value. With an Apollo 6000 running about $150,000, extended hardware lifespan is a worthy goal.

The Park Place Support Solution

Park Place Technologies stepped up in 2019 to offer HPE Apollo support and is now extending contracts to the HPE Apollo 6000.

We have deep roots in HPE hardware, stretching back to the original Hewlett-Package products. We’ve applied this extensive knowledge to craft and deliver a superior support option for what is, to be frank, some complicated equipment.

Park Place offers significant savings off the cost of HPE support, and we add in all kinds of benefits: global support capabilities, flexible SLAs, high-quality spare parts, and unparalleled engineering expertise.

Perhaps most importantly, we can help you keep the HPE Apollo 6000 operating at peak performance for as long as it can handle your workloads. For a workhorse like the Apollo, that could be for many years to come.

Park Place Technologies continues to invest in Research and Development for the next generation of HPE Apollo Gen10+ High Performance Computing Systems.

Mike Jennings - Director of Product Management headshot

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