Layered application support is a vital component of NetApp maintenance plans

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Parker Published: August 11, 2013

Partnering with a third party hardware maintenance provider offers numerous advantages, from impressive cost-savings to long-term adaptability. Nonetheless, some clients worry about risk when moving away from NetApp support.

These customers recognize that DataONTAP and other layered applications in NetApp products are essential to their proper functioning, and they want to know their maintenance provider can help with any issues that may arise. The good news—Park Place Technologies can!

Understanding layered application support and its importance

A layered application is similar to an operating system in that it comprises a foundational component. Whereas the O/S manages hardware system resources, a layered application provides key functionality on top of the O/S. Layered applications are essential in delivering a product’s performance. Without them, systems will not work properly, which can result in outage and sometimes even data loss.

A maintenance plan that includes layered application support is helpful in sustaining hardware functionality, but there is great variation among third party maintenance providers’ capabilities and offerings. Additionally, there are limitations to keep in mind when working with a third party provider versus the OEM.

Specifically, new patches and updates are the OEM’s intellectual property, and third party maintenance providers cannot typically supply them to customers. We can, however, connect clients with resellers authorized to provide these services when needed.

What’s more, a dedicated maintenance provider can help clients configure and utilize layered applications, as well as restore systems to the most recent installed version. For stable deployments, this is usually all that is needed to keep hardware operating at peak performance and delivering value in the data center.

Park Place Technologies incorporates layered application support services in our standard NetApp storage maintenance contracts. We also offer an enhanced layered application support option for clients with additional needs.

Basic layered application support

Park Place’s NetApp hardware maintenance contracts include the following layered application support:

  • CIFS Setup and share creation
  • Aggregate/volume creation and deletion
  • Cluster takeover/giveback
  • Use of NDMP services
  • VIF configuration
  • NFS setup and share creation
  • Snapshot creation
  • Network interface configuration
  • Set/update time zone information

Enhanced layered application support services

Clients can also tap Park Place’s capabilities in the following areas for an enhanced layered application support package:

  • LUN creation, mapping, expansion and cloning
  • CIFS, NDMP, VIF, NFS, Cluster and Network troubleshooting
  • Forgotten password reset
  • Initial Filer setup
  • Snapshot, management and access
  • SnapDrive, SnapManager, SnapMirror and SnapVault use/troubleshooting
  • Update of Filer configuration
  • Vfiler operations/troubleshooting

Some fine print

Park Place offers NetApp layered application support in the U.S. and Canada. Basic layered application support is built-in for customers purchasing a NetApp hardware support agreement; however, these services are not presently included for customers subscribing exclusively to O/S support.

Our NetApp layered application support does not include troubleshooting and support for NSE/NVE software. Such trouble tickets are handled via a time- and materials-based engagement, when applicable

Layered application support is a topic unto its own. If you would like more information about our standard and enhanced service offerings and the advantages to NetApp customers, contact us today.

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