NetApp FAS6240 Maintenance for Dummies

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Drew Teller April 21, 2015

The warp-speed developments in IT—from cloud technologies to the diversifying NetApp FAS maintenance market—can make it difficult for CIOs, IT directors, and others to keep abreast of every topic in the field. The free PDF Hybrid Cloud for Dummies: NetApp Special Addition tackles this problem for IT professionals who may have glossed over the combined public/private cloud model.

Upon its introduction, the book caused some online commentators to rebel against calling top IT professionals stupid. We disagree. More than anything, the hybrid cloud’s appearance in the popular Dummies series confirms its progression into the mainstream.

You know what else has gone mainstream? Third party NetApp maintenance. Without intending to malign anyone’s intelligence, here’s our dummies-level introduction on that topic for the FAS6240.

Third Party NetApp Maintenance Delivers More Value

The simplest reason that many IT professionals initially consider third party NetApp FAS6240 maintenance is the impressive reduction in annual support costs. NetApp contracts are notoriously pricey, so even the best alternative providers can slash costs 40% to 70% on average.

Although presented at deep discounts, these contracts, when backed by a reputable provider like Park Place Technologies, aren’t cut-down versions of NetApp’s support offering. In our case, we incorporate all of the standard features of NetApp FAS6240 maintenance with none of the hassles, things like:

  • Full hardware component coverage with certified spare parts arriving—along with a talented engineer—within client-selected SLAs. We should mention that with Park Place, the engineer who arrives is one previously assigned to the account and familiar with your systems—and this fact facilitates faster, more effective problem response.
  • Software and firmware support, including ONTAP expertise, to complement hardware maintenance. Park PLace NetApp FAS6240 maintenance solution is comprehensive. What’s more, we don’t limit support to the usual troubleshooting and break/fix. Customers gain access to our assistance and insight for a full range of inquiries, proactive maintenance tasks, and more.
  • Telephone and online support delivered by experienced NetApp engineers. Park Place has been in the business of maintaining NetApp Fabric Attached Storage systems for a long time. Customers work exclusively with Level 3 personnel from the first call to our support lines because we never impose an escalation procedure like NetApp does.

It Can Extend the Life of the FAS6240

Released in 2010, the NetApp FAS6240 has already seen the usual three-year product refresh that brought us such things as the flash-optimized FAS6250, as well as the more recent launch of the FAS8000 and accompanying wind-down of the FAS6000 line.

With NetApp, these moves indicate a progression toward end of life and end of support for the FAS6240. Although we haven’t heard anything definitive as yet, it is time for owners of this filer to start planning for its long-term fate.

Third party maintenance providers have no reason to end support on hardware that customers rely on. Companies like Park Place will maintain the FAS6240 for years to come. Considering that the equipment is already paid for and stable and that it provides needed capacity, why would you want to send it to the reclamation facility?

The Difference in the Data Center

When you cut annual support costs, extend hardware life, and enhance support quality in such a way as to maximize uptime and improve performance, the effects ripple through the IT organization. The budget feels roomier on both the operating and capital sides. Internal personnel are less pressured by premature upgrades and new systems to understand and integrate. Business requirements are more easily met and customers (external and internal) aren’t challenged by things like downed systems, data loss, and so on.

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