Park Place Announces Dell/EMC VxRail Support for 13th and 14th Gen Products

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Michael Jennings June 29, 2021

The Dell/EMC VxRail is a fully integrated, preconfigured, pre-tested VMware hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliance. VxRail products eliminate complexity and help customers deliver IT services quickly and easily—and when it comes to supporting these systems, so do we!

Park Place Technologies is now pleased to report that our affordable, responsive OEM-alternative IT hardware maintenance contracts are available for two more generations of VxRail models.

Advantages of Park Place VxRail Support

Customers love the way the Dell/EMC VxRail facilitates cluster deployment and scaling. After all, who can complain when adding an HA node takes only five minutes?

The VxRail line has presented an attractive value proposition for IT organizations upgrading from appliance-scale to rack-scale and beyond. And Park Place Technologies delivers VxRail support that’s equally attractive. Advantages include:

  • Global support capabilities to meet customer needs wherever the VxRail is deployed
  • Strategically positioned spare parts for fast break/fix
  • Technical support and field engineering from a company with unparalleled mean time-to-repair and first-time fix rates

This package should appeal to nearly any VxRail customer but those using the VxRail in remote data centers have one more reason to turn to Park Place. Why put another trip on the calendar for your field engineers when we can take on the maintenance instead?

Supported Models

New Park Place coverage extends to models in the 13th and 14th VxRail generations, many of them available in both hybrid and all-flash configuration.

13th Generation

  • E Series: E460/F
  • P Series: P470/F
  • V Series: V470/F
  • S Series: S470

14th Generation

  • E Series: E560/F, E560N
  • G Series: G560
  • P Series: P570/F, P580N
  • V Series: V570/F
  • S Series: S570

Not Worth Waiting

Some customers turn to third party maintenance providers like Park Place only after equipment reaches end of support life (EOSL). This could have you thinking that Dell/EMC VxRail support for 13th and 14th gen models is an issue for another day. The VxRail P470 and P470F, for example, don’t reach EOSL until May 2023.

Waiting two years to switch, however, would be a mistake. By making the move immediately—or as soon as your existing Dell/EMC contract expires—you’ll not only avoid the EOSL fire drill down the road, you’ll enjoy VxRail EOL hardware maintenance cost-savings large enough that your CFO will thank you.

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Mike Jennings - Director of Product Management headshot

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