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Parker March 09, 2021

Park Place Technologies is celebrating 30 years of employee growth, technology innovation and company success.

Park Place was incorporated in the State of Ohio on March 8, 1991.

Today’s success is a continuation of the innovation and entrepreneurial drive that characterized the company from its start. Park Place Technologies was founded in 1991 by Daniel Grajzl and John Warcaba as a Data General reseller. Their goal was to help companies realize their business goals through more effective use of technology.

John, Dan and their team, several of whom are still with Park Place 30 years later, built long-term relationships with their clients based on mutual trust and respect. As hardware companies merged, were acquired, and began end of life-ing clients’ mission-critical hardware, clients turned to a vendor they trusted. They turned to Park Place.

The company smartly recognized the business opportunity and began recruiting talent from the large OEMs. And, as with everything, they didn’t skimp on quality. Our Field Service team has an average of 15 years of service experience, from organizations such as  Dell EMC, IBM and HP.

Investments in, employees, management, sales, infrastructure, facilities over the years have enabled the company to keep up with its tremendous growth.

Past President and CEO Ed Kenty, who joined Park Place in 2004, oversaw the beginning of a strategic shift to evolve Park Place into a multi-platform service provider.

Under the leadership of current President and CEO Chris Adams, who joined Park Place as CFO in 2006 and also served as COO, Park Place has become the world’s largest third party maintenance provider – and so much more. Park Place has had and continues an aggressive acquisition strategy.  We have acquired 15 domestic and international companies since 2016. Park Place invests considerable resources into integration to ensure smooth short- and long-term success. This includes having a dedicated team of M&A specialists who are involved throughout the process. This team is in constant communication throughout all discussions and spends time in person at each acquisition to provide access to new employees; there is great empathy for the changes and concerns an acquisition brings. The team has a full complement of onboarding materials, including digital guides, videos and in-person presentations, all designed to give new employees clear direction and immersion in Park Place culture.

Park Place has evolved into a global firm that simplifies the management of complex technology environments worldwide. Our network of parts to support data centers is stored regionally, locally and on-site to allow for fast parts distribution and service to drive Uptime. Park Place created a new technology service category – Discover, Monitor, Support, optimize (DMSO) – a fully integrated approach to managing critical infrastructure. Our industry-leading and award-winning services include ParkView™ Managed Services, Entuity software, and our Enterprise Operations Center.

In November 2020, Park Place acquired Curvature, a global TPM.

The acquisition of Curvature:

  • assembled the largest team of field service engineers on the ground in the industry
  • tripled the spare parts inventory with more than 1.15 million parts now available in 2400+ stocking locations
  • supports Park Place’s continuous global expansion plans with four new international markets: Denmark, Australia, Thailand, and Japan
  • creates a new tier of TPM covering multiple OEM environments with the most resources globally for faster and cost-effective data center support.

“I personally want to thank every employee, customer and partner that has played a part in Park Place’s success,” Chris said. Park Place is first and foremost about people. That has been a core part of our culture since the beginning, and will continue to be our focus as we grow.”

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