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Case Allin August 11, 2020

ParkView Discovery offers a holistic, accurate listing of all IT assets across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

When Ohioan Neil Armstrong placed his boots on the Moon, he said the famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Now, Ohio’s Park Place Technologies, which optimizes data centers and IT infrastructure through DMSO (Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize), has announced another giant leap: The official launch of ParkView Discovery as a Service, a hosted platform that enables an accurate and efficient method for identifying IT assets. There’s no more worrying about what equipment might be hiding on your data center’s “dark side of the Moon.”

Defining DMSO

Park Place Technologies, in consultation with industry analysts and Park Place customers, leveraged more than three decades of insight gained from supporting 17,000 customers in 58,000 data centers to develop DMSO to provide comprehensive infrastructure control and visibility. Through a single pane of glass, DMSO will offer a view up and down the technology stack, including hardware, operating systems, networks, databases, applications, and the cloud, for customers to:

ParkView Discovery offers a holistic, accurate listing of all IT assets across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.  The service provides customers a single source of the trust, allowing them to better understand their full hardware and software asset inventory, data center dependencies and warranty details.  ParkView simplifies IT management, boosts staff efficiencies and reduces the cost of operations.

Asset level reporting includes complete device detail and documentation across physical, virtual, blade and clustered systems.  Device detail includes:

  • Device information including the hostname, serial number, model, CPU, memory & hard disk details
  • Operating System with version number
  • IP and MAC addresses, and their relationships (mapping to corresponding ports)
  • Installed software and services (running or stopped)

“Firms are faced with the challenge of maintaining up-to-date records of data center IT assets.  In some firms, records are kept manually, which can be both costly and inaccurate at any given point in time due to frequency of updates,” said Chris Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer, Park Place Technologies. “Some firms have invested in software tools to improve the efficiency of asset data capture and management. But these tools consume internal resources and come with software licensing or cloud service-based expenses. ParkView Discovery features ease of implementation, integrates with a client’s existing configuration management database (CMDB), and allows clients to retire internal tools and resources assigned to manage those tools, to reduce software licenses and maintenance spends.”

The ParkView Discovery offering includes the following features:

Automates the process of discovering and identifying: infrastructure topology (storage, server, network, applications); dependencies and relationships; individual assets based on asset class (server, storage, network), OEM, serial number, model number, and other asset data

Lifecycle position of physical assets: OEM warranty end date, OEM end of support date

Data access and security: Clients may extract scanned data and populate a repository that would be accessed by the client via Park Place’s customer portal, Central Park; scanned data is secure and not visible to other clients, with a portal interface for client access to data and reporting

CMDB integration: Pre-configurable to auto-populate Park Place “DiscoveryServiceCMDB,” enabling detection and reporting of changes since the most recent scan; serves as system of record for configuration baselines; writes discovery data to a separate file; pre-configured APIs available for integration with client’s CMDB

In addition, ParkView Discovery offers automated topology and dependency mapping to show relationships between discovered assets and may be installed and configured in less than one hour.

“ParkView Discovery is another advancement in Park Place’s efforts bring order to data center chaos,” Adams said. “It is extremely comprehensive in identifying all assets, regardless of manufacturer make/model/vintage, features an agentless deployment that requires no software installation on the target devices and can discover physical and virtual assets across IT infrastructure, whether on-prem, cloud-based or edge.”

ParkView Discovery follows the successful 2018 launch of ParkView Hardware Monitoring, a proactive, remote hardware monitoring service that streamlines the support process and helps data centers boost uptime.

You do not need NASA to help map and discovery your data center. Step into the footprints of Park Place Technologies, and ParkView Discovery will launch you into a new era of stellar performance.

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity