Top 5 Advantages of AIOps in the Data Center

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Case Allin December 17, 2019

Artificial intelligence for IT operations, or AIOps, is gaining momentum in the data center industry. Armed with machine learning algorithms and promising transformational impacts, AIOps is delivering a number of advantages. Among the top outcomes data center managers are reporting:

  • Visibility

AIOps solutions help centralize data from a wide array of monitoring systems into a single application, providing managers a better view. AIOps solutions also help separate signal from noise, identifying which alerts are false alarms and which require intervention.

  • Prioritization

AIOps solutions are helping to point data center administrators to mission critical problems. Imagine a scenario where there’s a glaring fault on a little-used, archival system and an emerging problem with a key application server. Human instinct is often to quell the “blinking light.” AIOps systems, on the other hand, can help direct teams’ attention to where rapid action could prevent costly downtime.

  • Root Cause Identification

Machine learning systems excel at digging through immense quantities of data to home in on the source of a particular issue. AIOps spares administrators long and frustrating troubleshooting efforts, and some systems will automatically file the trouble ticket, fault details, and replacement parts or other needs for administrator or engineering attention.

  • Predictability

Data centers have moved from solely reactive maintenance to more scheduled maintenance, but the dream is predicting problems before they happen to enable proactive intervention. AIOps is inching the industry closer to this IT support nirvana.

  • Uptime

Greater visibility of data center assets, improved prioritization of emerging issues, and automatic root cause identification help target efforts to the highest-impact activities and accelerate time-to-resolution. The benefits only expand as AIOps-driven predictions improve.

The end result is less frustration and significantly more uptime.

Our ParkView Automated Support Solution is AIOps for data center hardware. This innovative system is helping us deliver 31% faster mean time to repair and a 97% first-time fix rate, which together translate into substantial, positive impacts for our clients.

Could this be the right entry point into AIOps for your organization?

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity