NetApp Warranty Check: How to Track NetApp End of Life

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Parker May 09, 2017

NetApp End of Life Guide

NetApp doesn’t make it easy for customers to track NetApp EOSL and EOL dates. This information is maintained in access-restricted parts of the NetApp website and isn’t always organized in the most accessible fashion.

The best option for customers who want to keep on top of approaching EOL and End of Support Life (EOSL) dates is to go through a 3rd party maintenance provider. Companies like Park Place Technologies are always monitoring systems’ march toward the end, and we offer everyone — clients and non-clients alike — several options for obtaining EOL information they need.

Contact Us

We’re happy to look up any piece of equipment, upon request, and let you know when NetApp will cease selling and supporting it. We can then provide immediate information regarding NetApp 3rd party support options and pricing.

Check Our Online List

Bookmark our NetApp end-of-support-life list and come back often. And make sure to do the same with all of our manufacturer-specific EOSL monitoring pages.

Use Our Management Portal

As a Park Place customer, all your product information in one place with our online portal. Track product IDs, warranty status and expiration dates, EOL vs EOSL timeframes, and more. Simply contact us for free access, even if you’re not a Park Place client.

With Information Comes Options

Becoming fully aware of approaching end-of-warranty and EOL milestones empowers the IT organization to take advantage of cost-saving, quality-improving options for support.

Consider that Park Place Technologies saves customers up to 60% off a comparable NetApp contract. Many clients find that they are switching as soon as the first warranty expiration, so they can cut OPEX expenditures and enhance service quality and responsiveness.

What’s more, somewhere after warranty expiration, NetApp’s support costs tend to rise, while NetApp’s involvement, with patch releases and so on, declines. IT organizations are becoming increasingly likely to pursue a more cost-efficient third party maintenance option at this point.

Then there is EOSL. Park Place enables customers to extend hardware lifespans and squeeze maximum value from IT investments with our affordable post-EOSL support. Older equipment can continue to deliver value in the data center or in remote office, lab, or backup environments. With proper support, it will continue to operate at peak performance and deliver maximum uptime.

What works for NetApp equipment also works for a whole host of other OEM hardware. Park Place offers comprehensive multi-vendor support solutions that can radically simplify IT hardware maintenance, while lowering costs.

So whatever you find when looking up EOL dates for key equipment, we’re ready to help. Find a quick, graphic summary of what we bring to the table here.


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