Whats the Best Uptime Maximizer for Server, Storage, and Networking Equipment?

Park Place Hardware Maintenance

Case Allin April 16, 2019

We offer proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance, which we supply with our proprietary ParkView tool.

IT leaders know they can’t afford even a moment of unplanned downtime. The expectations, once for four-nines uptime, have expanded to six-nines in many cases, and the cost of outages has spread to over $300,000 per hour, according to Gartner.

That has everyone from the C-suite to the data center floor searching for ways to eke out more reliability and availability from every system. Park Place Technologies has brought a new network downtime monitoring tool to the uptime maximization table, and it’s driving marked improvements in a field where fractional gains have become the norm.

We offer proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance, which we supply with our ParkView IT infrastructure management services. A first-of-its-kind solution, ParkView integrates machine learning algorithms to analyze the data it collects while monitoring the client environment 24/7 and deliver insights into the pre-downtime signs of hardware-related failures. Over time, the system gets better and better at identifying faults before they can cascade into large outages.

ParkView’s award-winning technology is integrated into Park Place’s holistic support solution. As soon as a fault is identified, the root cause is analyzed and a trouble ticket filed with all the details necessary to shape a response. That alerts Park Place’s Level III-only engineering staff, and a proper expert grabs the any spare parts required parts and is on the way.

This process beats the old version of support, with back-and-forth calls between the in-house team and the maintenance provider to triage an issue and then (all too often) a hit-or-miss on-site resolution. As a result, ParkView reduces clients’ downtime in many ways:

  • The downtime that doesn’t happen. As ParkView learns the environment, it begins to identify faults at earlier and earlier stages. Automated systems also ensure no warning signs are ignored. That means in many cases Park Place engineers can swap out a component or make a change to avoid downtime altogether.
  • Faster resolution. When an outage has occurred, getting back to normal is the top priority. With the aid of ParkView, we’re now notching 31% faster incident resolution.
  • Best first-time fix rates. The biggest time sink in the break/fix process happens when a second or third repair attempt is necessary. ParkView greatly enhances our diagnostic capabilities and provides more information in advance, so engineers can arrive prepared to implement a fix. Plus, our high-quality spares avoid component-related issues.

These factors combine to drive uptime to new heights at a cost that pales in comparison to the cost of an unnecessary outage. ParkView network management services help us deliver significant return on clients’ support investment, and they’re a big part of the reason why we enjoy a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

Want to join the list of organizations experiencing greater uptime while enjoying support cost savings of 30-40%? Get in touch and we’ll get started.

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity