Park Place monitoring Hurricane Lorenzo as storm threatens Ireland and UK

October 02, 2019

Support During Hurricane Lorenzo

Park Place Technologies is taking proactive steps to prepare clients for the potential landfall of Hurricane Lorenzo, which is a Category 2 Hurricane spreading across the North Atlantic basin on track to hit Ireland and the United Kingdom. Hurricane-force winds from Lorenzo are extending as far as 90 miles from the storm’s center, and tropical storm-force winds reach as far as 255 miles outward. If it hits Ireland and the UK, it could weaken but still bring high seas, heavy rain and wind gusts up to 60 mph.

Park Place has set up a Command Center in Cork and Marlborough Massachusetts that is ready to deploy whatever resources clients need. Clients will have immediate access to our supply chain, tech support, field team and suppliers. Our entire EMEA field team is on “high alert”and will be ready to deploy in the areas most impacted.

Park Place has been reaching out to critical end-users like hospitals to ensure they are ready to engage us if they are hit hard.

Park Place has identified customers who could be impacted and have moved additional material into the potential landing zone. Field Engineers are planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

By preparing for potential weather-related interruptions of service, Park Place is proactively investing in the uptime and peace of mind of our clients.

For further information on service in any impacted areas, please call 800-343-4654.

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