Park Place Technologies Preparing Resources to Serve St. Vincent, Barbados islands as La Soufriere volcano erupts

April 14, 2021

WESTBOROUGH, MA (April 14) — Park Place Technologies is taking proactive steps to serve area clients who may be impacted by the eruption of La Soufriere volcano.

The Associated Press reports the volcano “fired an enormous amount of ash and hot gas early April 13 in the biggest explosive eruption” since volcanic activity began on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent late last week.

Barbados, which is very close to St. Vincent, is being affected by the ashes.

Some of the effects in Barbados:

  • Barbados airport closed due to ash
  • Volcanic ash is coating streets and surfaces on Barbados, and the air is full of ash particles
  • Saharan dust haze has been present over the island recently, which also has reduced visibility.

Park Place has set up a Command Center in Westborough, MA, that is ready to deploy whatever resources clients need. Clients will have immediate access to our supply chain, tech support, field team and suppliers. Our entire field team is on “high alert” and will be ready to deploy in the areas most impacted.

Park Place has been reaching out to critical end-users such as hospitals to ensure they are ready to engage us if they are hit hard.

Park Place has identified customers who could be impacted. We are putting our complete Staff on high alert making sure they are ready to deploy.

Park Place has employed this proactive approach for such recent challenges as Winter Storm Harper, wildfires in California and Hurricanes Florence and Michael. By preparing for potential weather-related interruptions of service, Park Place is proactively investing in data center up time to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Park Place Technologies simplifies the management of complex technology environments worldwide. Our network of parts to support data centers is stored regionally, locally and on-site to allow for fast parts distribution and service to drive Uptime. Park Place created a new technology service category – Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize (DMSO) – a fully integrated approach to managing critical infrastructure. Our industry-leading and award-winning services include ParkView™ Managed Services, Entuity software, and our Enterprise Operations Center. For more information, visit us at

For further information on service in any impacted areas, please call 800-343-4654.

About the Author

Parker, Park Place Assistant