Next Steps as EOSL for EMC VNX5100 Approaches

The EMC VNX5100 is an excellent candidate to keep, EOSL notwithstanding.

Park Place Technologies has been there for years to support customers who rely on EMC’s VNX series of storage arrays. We’ve offered maintenance on the EMC VNX5100 since their end of warranty in 2014. Now that the product is reaching end of service life (EOSL) on December 31, 2020, we can help IT leaders who want to get more value from this mid-tier storage system to organize a smooth support transition.

The Value in the EMC VNX5100

With organizations of all sizes confronting substantial increases in data volumes, nearly every available, functional storage system is being tapped for maximum lifespan. And an uncertain economic environment, which is likely to extend into 2021, is leading many businesses to tighten capital spending on hardware upgrades, making extended service life even more important.

The EMC VNX5100 is an excellent candidate to keep, EOSL notwithstanding. Offering a maximum of 225TB of raw capacity, featuring Flash-optimized performance, and supporting Raid Levels 0 to 6, the array is large, fast, and secure enough for even mission critical use cases. The quick provisioning of file and block data also ensures ease of administration, another key consideration when data center resources are stretched thin.

The only potential pitfall is lack of adequate support, which can leave administrators scouring the market for spares or spending hours on forums tracking down troubleshooting information—time they can ill afford to waste. Fortunately, Park Place Technologies has a VNX5100 support alternative that can remove nearly all the maintenance burden from internal IT teams.

An Affordable Solution for as Long (or Short) a Term as Needed

We understand that many IT organizations are seeking flexibility and savings right now. Therefore, we offer a wide range of contract options on the VNX5100 to meet different needs, all priced typically 30 to 40 % less than comparable support from Dell EMC. Customers can tailor service levels to each array and update coverage on demand. What’s more, if the VNX5100 may only be required for a few more months, short-term contracts are available.

Whatever the choice of SLAs and contract period, all Park Place storage support customers benefit from a comprehensive, stress-reducing maintenance package that includes:

  • Immediate access to multilingual client service through our global, “follow the sun” Support Center
  • Stockpiles of spare parts strategically located in over 1,800 storage locations worldwide for rapid deployment in response to any failures
  • An L3-only service model to guarantee top-notch engineering expertise
  • The added protection of ParkView Hardware Monitoring to proactively identify hardware events, open tickets, and triage issues 24/7.

These features combine to help customers reduce the time their teams spend diagnosing problems and coordinating support response. And offered under Park Place’s unique DMSO model (Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize), our third party maintenance services dovetail with a fully integrated infrastructure management solution.

So what’s the next step for the EMC VNX5100? How about extending its lifespan with high-quality support and maybe exploring additional digital management assistance as well? If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!

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