Dealing with the Density Dilemma

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How To Prepare Your Data Center for Next-Gen Application Architectures in AI, Microservices, and IoT

The industry is undergoing a massive shift in data center infrastructure requirements driven by, “the advancement of next-generation application architectures in AI, IoT, AR as well as microservices.” Running these advanced services is a challenge in itself, but doing it without latency could require, “combining the raw power of GPUs with today’s more powerful CPUs, a single 1U GPU-centric server can in fact drive 1500-2000 watts by itself.” With denser processors comes more heat – is your organization in a position to solve the cooling issue within the physical parameters of your existing data center?

density screenshot smallCan your data center take the heat?

This GRC and Park Place Technologies whitepaper asserts, “The necessity for more densely packed processors and co-processors presents a dual challenge for data center operators: these new compute requirements consume more power and generate more heat than most existing centers were designed to handle.”

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