The Sustainable Data Center Transformation

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Reducing Carbon Footprint with Liquid Immersion Cooling

Mission critical data centers continue to be a major requirement for businesses today. Unfortunately, the carbon footprint of these critical assets is growing with their demand. As you’ll see in this resource, “There is growing demand from both the public and industry to reduce the environmental impact of all businesses — sustainability has moved into the corporate domain and, due to regulations and the cost implications of reducing a carbon footprint, it can be a hot button issue.” These political and economic pressures have been motivating data center operators to search for alternatives to traditional facility design.

immersion solution whitepaper smallYou’ll learn that, “Globally, data centers currently use approximately 1.5 – 2% of the world’s electricity. Several models suggest that data center energy use will only increase, accounting for up to 13% of global electricity use in the next decade. Up to 40% of a data center’s energy consumption goes into cooling, since dozens of servers stacked on top of each other get very hot. And, as the power density of processors continues to increase, server platforms are pushing the limits of what you can cool with air.”

Data center owners and operators have been exploring liquid immersion cooling as a means to reduce power consumption and drive sustainability.

According to Marc Bhuyan, from Google’s Machine Learning Infrastructure team, “There’s a fair amount of consensus that the end game is using immersion cooling.

Download this immersion cooling whitepaper today, and learn about its benefits and how you can introduce this liquid cooling method to your data center operations!