A Smart Alternative to Cisco SmartNet Maintenance


Parker February 18, 2016

Cisco SmartNet maintenance (or “SmartNet Total Care)” is the brand name for the company’s support offering. As with so many other OEMs, their definition is somewhat of a moving target.

Most recently, SMARTnet and SmartNet Total Care combined, and now the name is (once again, or still) SmartNet. It could also be SmartNetOn Site if you prefer some add-ons. And if you want to get nitpicky, documentation dated 2014 and prior spells it SMARTnet, but in 2015 changes to Smart Net. There is also Smart Assist, which is not so much support as a consultative service for driving SmartNet more deeply into the IT organization.

Confused yet?

The marketing gurus in charge of this tangled naming scheme may disagree, but we believe IT maintenance is best when it’s the most straightforward. The quality of your SmartNet maintenance contract isn’t dependent on a spiffy moniker that changes every few years. Clients benefit from service packages they can easily understand and customize to their own needs. For that, there’s only one name in the business—Park Place Technologies.

Alternative Cisco Maintenance Contracts

Park Place Technologies offers Cisco third party support, a cost-effective and comprehensive alternative to expensive OEM maintenance contracts. Learn more about the benefits of our data center hardware maintenance below, then contact us for more information.

Simple Can Be Smart

Park Place’s Cisco SmartNet alternative is affordably priced 40% to 70% below Cisco’s SmartNet maintenance. And for the cost, clients know exactly what they’re getting:

  • A standard contract that includes everything clients need. Park Place offers the best standard contract in the industry. It includes comprehensive hardware, software, and firmware support; remote monitoring; and certified spare parts with on-site installation. Support can be provided via telephone or online, and there’s never an escalation procedure or severity level assessment to speak with a Level 3 engineer. What’s more, every client gains a Level 3 account engineer, who is responsible for every on-site task, from the free, up-front systems analysis to any break/fix call.
  • A selection of SLAs to match equipment’s criticality level and the IT budget. The only choice clients need to make is the support level best suited to the equipment’s role in the environment, whether that’s mission critical, business hours, or next-day support. SLAs can be set independently for each piece of server, storage, or networking equipment to create a customized, affordable Cisco maintenance solution.
  • Multi-vendor capabilities and full data center coverage options. For clients that want their work days to go even more smoothly, Park Place has answers. As a global, multi-vendor IT support provider, we can cover a whole data center or multi-site IT organization. Even when some equipment has an existing Cisco or other OEM warranty or service agreement, we don’t mind. With our “One Contract / One Contact” program, we’ll still take the service call, identify the OEM’s commitment, manage the response, and back-fill anything they won’t cover. The end result for clients is a one-stop IT maintenance shop. What could be simpler?
  • No end of support life dates or other fine print. Park Place isn’t interested in excluding services that client need. That’s why we never rescind or downgrade support on equipment, no matter how old. If it’s got a purpose in your environment, you’ve got a support partner in Park Place. We are available for questions, normal repairs, and complex troubleshooting. And we even incorporate up to four days of extra engineering time for proactive and non-break/fix tasks. There’s very little Park Place won’t do to keep your IT equipment operating at peak performance.

Personalized Service from Top Engineers

Just as important as our straightforward maintenance are our top-flight engineers. Park place has invested in talented, experienced, and certified customer support personnel, so clients can be confident in getting the assistance and guidance they need. Third party maintenance is now a downgrade from Cisco SmartNet; it is an improvement on it. One that is more personalized, tailored, and easy to understand.

About the Author

Parker, Park Place Assistant