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Chris Adams February 14, 2019

Have you ever said something like this: “I knew cloud technology was going to be a thing over a decade ago…”? We tech folks love being on the bleeding edge, especially if becoming an early adopter leads to a competitive advantage. Well, today, there is an exciting opportunity to get out in front on Dell EMC VMAX All Flash support.

The VMAX3 All Flash family—including the 100K, 200K, and 400K models and the 850F all-flash array—are entering the post-warranty phase. It’s time to consider the support future for this equipment. Why not be among the first to try a new and better VMAX3 All Flash maintenance solution?

Park Place Technologies Expands VMAX  Support

For over four years since the VMAX3 All Flash systems were released for general availability, the options for maintenance have centered on Dell EMC, but as of April 2019, Park Place Technologies is taking on the VMAX3 All Flash support market. And we’re adding key enhancements based on our extensive experience maintaining monolithic EMC storage hardware going back to the early Symmetrix.

What does Park Place offer that a Dell EMC support contract doesn’t?

  • Level III only support. With Park Place Technologies, there are no detours through the help desk. We only retain Level III engineers, so every inquiry is answered by a Level III engineer, all troubleshooting is led by Level III engineers, and each on-site service call is conducted by a Level III engineer. This is more efficient and far less frustrating for our clients than the OEM-style escalation process.
  • Proactive maintenance. When we launched ParkView, a 24/7 proactive fault detection system armed with machine learning algorithms, we knew it would change the maintenance market. Since working with clients who now support more systems with the same staff while improving uptime, even we’ve been surprised by the positive impacts. Park Place can apply this AI-driven technology to your VMAX3 systems maintenance, so we identify and fix problems before they cause havoc in the data center.
  • Flexible contracts. We understand that IT environments evolve and any VMAX3 may be repurposed as it ages, so we make it easy to adapt our support contracts. Set service levels on an array-by-array, server-by-server basis. Later, adjust service levels whenever necessary and remove equipment from support as soon as it’s ready for the reclamation facility.
  • “It’s in there” mindset. Park Place Technologies doesn’t list a bunch of exclusions in the fine print of our contracts. If we’re covering a piece of gear, we’re covering it. That means you can ask us questions, get help troubleshooting, and call us in if it acts up. You’re never going to hear “well, if only you’d purchased another type of coverage.”

Get Ahead Now

Park Place Technologies is a proven solution for VMAX support, delivering better first-time fix rates than the OEM. After all, we’ve been at it for almost as long as the VMAX series has been in existence. Plus, we’re more affordable, saving clients 50% or more off their existing Dell EMC contracts.

So why not dive in with a higher performing, lower cost, fully customizable support arrangement for your VMAX3 equipment? You’ll not only see increased uptime and better value for your maintenance dollar, you may get the chance to say “I told you so” to any third party maintenance doubters when the benefits start rolling in.

If you’re ready to get ahead on VMAX3 All Flash support, get in touch for all the details and a price quote.

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