Dell Compellent vs. Dell EqualLogic: Which Is Best for Your Business?

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Parker July 01, 2022

Dell EqualLogic and Dell Compellent models are two powerhouses in data center technology. Many businesses rely on them for the safety of their customers data and Dell’s history of manufacturing quality storage devices. 

Your business has unique needs that have to be considered when picking your next data storage device. We want to help you consider a few key differences between Dell EqualLogic and Dell Compellent models so you can understand the value of each model as it pertains to your individual business. 

What Is Dell EqualLogic? 

Dell EqualLogic is a storage-area network (SAN) device. More specifically, it is an iSCSI storage-area network device. iSCSI stands for “internet small computer system interface,” which is a fancy way of describing the way in which information is transported over networks of servers. 

Interestingly enough, EqualLogic was initially its own company. In 2008, it was bought out by Dell, who ramped up support for it, making it one of the most popular products in the data storage industry. Most EqualLogic models reached their Dell end of service life (EOSL) from 2014-2018, but they can still be used as viable, reliable storage devices with the help third party Dell EqualLogic support. 

What Is Dell Compellent? 

Dell Compellent was launched a year after Equallogic, and has racked up more than a dozen awards since then. Compellent is not a storage product in itself, it is a wide array of products and services meant to service all aspects of a company’s IT needs. That being said, its “storage center” models are considered to be top of the line. 

By making use of data enclosures, and arrays holding up to 6 PB of data, they are a powerful option for your data center. Yet, even Compellent is not the newest technology out there. Many of its models have reached, or are nearing, their EOSL. Make the most of your products and get the highest return on investment possible with the help of third party Dell Compellent support. 

How Much Will It Cost? 

We know that budgets are always being scrutinized and that IT cost reduction strategies are likely one of your organization’s chief concerns right now. There’s no way around it. Even when deciding between products from the same manufacturer, knowing the cost of specific models is a great place to start. 

Naturally, more affordable products may have some sacrifice in quality, but sometimes it makes more sense to overlook small shortcomings if there are significant savings to be had. Dell released its Compellent line of equipment after Equillogic. Since it’s newer technology, the Dell’s Compellent line is more expensive. That being said, Compellent does come with additional features and considerations when compared to Dell’s EqualLogic equipment. Either way, both products can be found at a reasonable price point that won’t hurt your budget. 

While Dell attempts to strong arm your company into paying huge sums of money for continued support upon the release of their next “latest and greatest” product line, third party support companies can extend the life of your current system while saving you almost 80% in comparison with Dell continued coverage. 

What’s the Difference? 

According to Dell themselves, businesses that are holding more than 200 Terabytes of storage are encouraged to move to Compellent models. While you could pour through all the technical specifications to find all the differences, it’s simpler than that. 

The more storage your business requires, the more reason there is to switch to Dell Compellent. If EqualLogic models have been surpassed by newer technology, does that mean they are outdated? That is only a half truth. Technically speaking, many Dell EqualLogic models have reached their end of service life. However, that doesn’t mean that your company can’t utilize affordable, reliable post-warranty maintenance from a third party storage support provider. Moreover, rather than buying the newest piece of equipment from Dell, your company could see significant savings by purchasing pre-owned IT hardware from a brand like Curvature. 

How Can We Help? 

Whatever model your business chooses for its data center, you deserve the most for your money. As products age, and technology advances, original equipment manufacturers will discontinue OEM support and force you into switching products. Not only is this expensive, but it can disrupt the routine and method which has brought your business success. 

Park Place Technologies is a global data center and networking optimization firm dedicated to maximizing the return on investment that your company deserves. Our team gives your company the opportunity to: 

  • Choose which products are right for them and keep them as long as they can. 
  • Receive prompt and reliable support for their products to save your company time and money in the event of equipment malfunctions. 
  • Save up to 80% on support when compared to OEMs. 

Ready to make the switch to third party support? Speak to our experienced team members about how we can help your company thrive. Contact Park Place Technologies today! 

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