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Xavier Surentherathas October 27, 2020

Reliance on OEMs for storage support represents a huge missed opportunity for India’s business enterprises.

India’s storage market has been growing at a rapid clip, with All-Flash Arrays posting a 33.4 percent year-over-year expansion in 2019. While growth may be slowing in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT industry remains on an upward trajectory.

The question is—who is maintaining the plethora of storage hardware throughout India’s digital landscape? Sadly, the answer is usually the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Reliance on OEMs for storage support represents a huge missed opportunity for India’s business enterprises. Not only do hardware OEMs charge a premium price for their post-warranty coverage, their support delivery structures offer neither the flexibility nor the value of a premier third party maintenance provider.

What is Third Party Storage Maintenance?

Third party maintenance is an alternative to OEM support. The services are offered by an independent company, usually at a reduced cost when compared with the OEM and often with additional features and innovations.

Alternative, third party maintenance isn’t new to the India market, but some providers have so far overlooked the subcontinent. Park Place Technologies, however, was an early entrant and we’ve been working with local and multinational brands in India for years.

Enterprise Storage Support from Park Place

The global leader in high-end enterprise storage support, Park Place applies our deep knowledge of the India market to deliver a uniquely high-performing support solution for equipment from all Tier One OEMS (and many others) including:

  • Dell EMC
  • Hitachi
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • NetApp

Many customers take advantage of Park Place support as soon as the first hardware warranty expires. We also offer maintenance options for equipment that is beyond the OEM’s end of support life (EOSL) date in order to empower customers to extend product lifespan, enhance return on investment, and trim capital expenditures.

With any coverage you select, you can customize service levels to your needs and add or delete equipment at any time as your environment changes. And we understand that IT needs and budgets are shifting rapidly, so we offer short-term contracts to ensure agility while keeping hardware covered.

No matter what SLAs or contract terms you choose, you will benefit from immediate assistance from our global Support Center and on-site engineering help from a Level 3 field services technician, who will arrive with spare parts in hand in under four hours, guaranteed.

Why Switch?

You may be thinking that it’s nice to have more choices, but why go through the process of changing storage support providers? Here are four key reasons:

  • Switching from OEM support to Park Place Technologies typically results in immediate savings of 30 to 40 percent.
  • ParkView Hardware Monitoring brings innovation to 24/7 remote monitoring to identify hardware events, open tickets, and triage issues automatically. ParkView does more, so your team doesn’t have to!
  • Self-service convenience and powerful account and ticket-management capabilities are available through our Central Park customer portal and PPTechMobile app, so the entire support solution is at your fingertips.
  • Additional value is delivered through our integrated offerings, such as ParkView Discovery, ParkView Network Monitoring, and Entuity Network Analytics. We are a comprehensive DMSO service provider (discover, monitor, support, optimize), who can grow our partnership to meet your evolving digital infrastructure management needs.

The best part, realizing cost-savings does not mean compromising on IT storage efficiency or optimization. To the contrary, Park Place Technologies delivers a storage support solution that costs less and delivers greater value and Uptime.

If you’re still using OEM support for your enterprise storage, what are you waiting for? Discover the advantages of more affordable, responsive maintenance from Park Place Technologies. You can get the conversation started by requesting a free quote today!

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Xavier Surentherathas, Regional Sales Director, APAC