Is Parkview the Sports Car of IT Hardware Monitoring?

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Case Allin September 19, 2019

Elon Musk is nothing if not good at making news, whether for his SpaceX launches or electric pickup truck designs. Among his other headlines—“Tesla cars can now figure out which parts need to be replaced and order new ones.”

Pretty futuristic, right? And helpful!

Exactly. That’s why we built similar capabilities into our ParkView proactive fault monitoring system.

From Fault Detection to Triage in One Step

ParkView is our 24/7 data center hardware monitoring solution, with a twist. Rather than simply reporting faults after they happen, as traditional hardware monitoring will do, the system also leverages machine learning algorithms to “get a sense” for what the environment looks like when a fault is about to occur. Over time, ParkView “learns” to recognize faults-in-the-making and can alert us in time to intervene proactively and prevent downtime.

ParkView is vendor-agnostic, secure, and powerful. But the system is about more than a forward stance for the data center—it’s also about the customer experience. When an issue arises with any piece of hardware, ParkView simplifies and accelerates the response, because key functions are automated. Customers no longer need to generate a trouble ticket themselves, pull logs and other details, and trade calls with engineers to triage the problem. And there’s no need for our field support engineers to come and go, carrying different parts, until they find the right fix.

ParkView takes care of all of the steps to an effective on-site call, with automatic trouble ticket generation and triage. The system determines the cause of the fault and includes the details Park Place engineers will need to implement the repair. Yes, just like a Tesla, ParkView orders the necessary parts, and it happens within moments.

Spare Parts & Installation

These capabilities only make a difference if the spares are readily available and the engineering team fully capable. Fortunately, those bases are covered with any Park Place Technologies maintenance contract, too.

We operate over 1,800 spare part depots worldwide with almost 400,000 parts on hand, and our bench of hardware support engineers is second to none. As a global operation, we’re able to provide direct engineer access in less than four hours, so no matter where you are, we can get the right person and the right replacement on site fast.

Experts armed with ParkView and quality parts are how we deliver a first-time fix rate above 97%. And helping clients achieve a more efficient, optimized, reliable data center is how we’ve achieved a 95% satisfaction rate from our over 16,000 customers.

If you’re not among those enjoying the advantages of futuristic data center monitoring combined with premium level service, why not? When a Park Place support contract will save at least 50% off the OEM price, guaranteed, what else do you need to know? Really—ask us anything!

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity