NetApp 6200/FAS6200 Support in Question as Series Discontinued: Notice to 6240, 6250, 6280 and 6290 Owners

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Drew Teller August 27, 2014

The well publicized release of the NetApp FAS8000 happened in July, so the NetApp FAS6200 support is now in question. This product refresh affects the FAS6290 and FAS6250, as well as the FAS6240 and FAS6280 that had themselves been replaced a while ago. What a long, strange trip it’s been for the FAS6000s, but it seems it’s come to an end.

At this point, all NetApp FAS6200 support is on notice with the products being end of life and facing a limited support future. How limited? It’s always difficult to know with NetApp, but it’s safe to assume that the FAS6240 and FAS6280 are on borrowed time for OEM support, and attention to the FAS6290 and FAS6250 will only dwindle from here.

If you’re less than thrilled with the support you’re receiving from NetApp for these systems, the fact is it won’t be getting any better. Why, then, sign up for another renewal? Before you do so, take a hard look at the other options in the market. For example, with Park Place Technologies, you can expect to receive all the features listed on your NetApp contract (like remote monitoring, spare parts, etc.), as well as:

  • 40% to 70% annual savings on your contract costs;
  • A highly trained, experienced NetApp engineer assigned to your account;
  • An up-front systems analysis that will familiarize “your” engineer with your systems and offer an opportunity for them to offer input;
  • Quarterly check-ins to review trouble calls and optimize your systems and the support solution;
  • Immediate access to Level 3 engineering talent any time of day, without an escalation procedure;
  • Extra time included standard in your contract for help with non-break/fix issues;
  • A long-term commitment to your hardware, meaning that we won’t declare your NetApp 6200 series obsolete—only you will decide when it’s no longer meeting your needs.

So stop worrying about the end of support life for the NetApp FAS6240, 6250, 6280, or 6290. Instead, spend those cycles on making the switch to a high quality, alternative NetApp FAS6200 support provider. Then next time you see a product refresh in the tech rags or get that EOSL notice from NetApp, you’ll simply say to yourself “I’ve already got that covered.” And well.

If you’re seriously interested in a new support provider, we’ve got a free guide can help you weigh the impact. Then contact us or request a quote when you’re ready.

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