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Chris Adams May 28, 2019

Park Place Technologies continues their rapid expansion, now supporting data centers in an awe-inspiring 140+ countries

Many Park Place Technologies clients have been discovering something new about our company lately. They’re coming to realize that we are no longer just North America’s leading hardware support provider, we’ve sealed our spot as the only global IT maintenance vendor on the planet.

Much like the famous Carmen Sandiego—well known from the Where in the World computer game and television show—Park Place Technologies has been hiding in plain sight, with a growing list of locations diverse enough to test your geography knowledge. In fact, we’ve steadily expanded our support facilities and capabilities to span 6 continents, with expert engineers and spare parts depots from Sao Paolo to Singapore.

Today we support over 58,000 data centers in 150+ countries—and we want more customers to know how they can benefit from our “single pane of glass” solution for a world’s worth of hardware needs.

Simple and Global.

As companies expand internationally, data centers have become more complex to maintain, more expensive to operate, and more difficult to standardize across time zones, continents, and cultures. A company’s headquarters might be in North America, but facilities could be sited in a multitude of locales. So what happens if you have an IBM issue in London, a Hitachi problem in Wiesbaden, and an Oracle crisis in Singapore?

If you partner with Park Place Technologies, you receive the same high-quality support for all your hardware, everywhere—delivered promptly and in the local language. Here’s how our solution works:

  • Park Place operates a 24/7, multilingual Support Center that follows the sun to data centers around the globe.
  • We tap a rapidly growing international maintenance network of hardware support professionals to deliver effective, time zone-empathetic resources and response.
  • Our service is customized to each country yet links to a larger grid of OEM-agnostic support capabilities, for the best of both worlds, so to speak.
  • ParkView, our proactive monitoring service, provides us a constant view into covered hardware, identifies faults at their earliest signs, and automatically triggers a local response, wherever on Earth problems may arise.

And Cost Effective, Too!

Customers might think that partnering with a global provider like Park Place Technologies would be expensive, but that’s not the case. To the contrary, we not only relieve data center managers’ headaches with support services that transcend international boundaries and extend to products from over 40 major OEMs, we do it all for half the cost of any OEM contract, guaranteed.

There’s no reason to put off upgrading your support service to the only provider capable of maintaining virtually any equipment, virtually anywhere. So don’t delay. Contact us for a free quote to get started.

About the Author

Chris Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer
As President and CEO, he works side-by-side with other key leaders throughout the company managing day-to-day operations of Park Place. His key objectives include streamlining work processes and ensuring that all business initiatives and objectives are in sync. Chris focuses on key growth strategies and initiatives to improve profitability for Park Place, and is responsible for European and Asia-Pacific sales and service operations.