Network Management Software

Transform network data into business insights

Simple network management software

Keeping network availability high and reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) is critical to business. With data volumes doubling every two years, you need network management software that simplifies the process of managing, monitoring and analyzing your network data.

Entuity™ automates network discovery and uses intuitive workflows that make it easy to see when something has gone wrong. Responsive dashboards allow you to take a high-level view to gauge your network health or drill down to the component level to quickly and efficiently fix network problems and reduce the need for specialist knowledge.

What can you identify with network flow collection?

Smart network monitoring

  • Network monitoring

    IT agility is key in today’s fast-moving digital world. Networks are complex, producing thousands of alerts every day. To quickly and efficiently solve problems, you need fewer alerts without sacrificing the intelligence.

    Entuity’s out-of-the-box network monitoring uses event rules, event suppressions and conditional triggers to reduce alerts to a manageable number.

    Incidents and events dashboards show alerts on individual components (switches, routers, ports) or across the whole network. Entuity’s network management software consolidates network alerts and gives you back your time.

  • Service management

    The network is responsible for delivering great service and experiences to users. Entuity has designed network management software that encompasses all aspects of service management, not just one element. Architected for proactive network monitoring and incident management, Entuity enables you to measure mean time to restoring service (MTRS), showing you when a service is fully available once restored.

    With Entuity, you can model network resources to the business services they deliver and see how your network components relate to real business outcomes. Use Entuity Services to check:

    • availability of Branch services, such as bank branches, store branches or remote offices.
    • service redundancy, for example, receive alerts if your main ISP goes down and your redundant ISP kicks in.
    • high-level network health from a CIO Service overview.
  • Dynamic Dashboards

    See what you need to see, where you need to see it.

    Out-of-the-box, Entuity offers all the dashboards you need to be a success. We also know you need to supplement network discovery and monitoring with the flexibility to report on the network data important to your business. Entuity’s Dynamic Dashboards add agility to your working practices and supercharge your productivity.

    Entuity gives you complete control of your network data, how you want to display it, and where you want to see it. Fully customize user and client privileges with granular, role-based access control. Create NOC-ready dashboards that automatically fit contents to the screen.

    From Entuity™ v18.0 P03 upwards, utilize the DropBox functionality to accelerate your management process. Drag in and save multiple lists of managed objects and attributes in the Drop Box from wherever you are in the UI, providing quick access so you can rapidly build dashboards, charts and reports with the information you need to see.

    Let a single Dynamic Dashboard enhance your network monitoring and do the work of hundreds of traditional dashboards. Achieve in a few minutes what previously took you days and weeks. Access more of your data, faster, with network management software built for the way you work.