UCS B200 M3 Blade Server

End of Service Life
December 31, 2021
*Inclusion in the EOSL library does not guarantee Park Place can support that specific device.
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The Cisco B200 M3 end of life has passed and the Cisco UCS M3 EOSL matures in December 2021, but hardware replacements aren’t always the optimal next step. Extend the useful life of your equipment with Cisco third party maintenance when the OEM can’t or won’t support your equipment. Park Place Technologies offers data center third party maintenance contracts at 30-40% off OEM contract prices when your equipment reaches the end of its support life and requires IT network hardware maintenance.

Contact us for a quote on your support needs today, or browse our list of Cisco end of service dates to stay current with your equipment health.

Upcoming Cisco EOSL Dates