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Will the Data Centers of the Future Be in Space?

As technology is miniaturized and the cost of launching satellites drops, the possibility of space-based compute and storage becomes more appealing. Enough so that Microsoft is already running trials of sealed data centers under our oceans, which could provide insights for doing so in space.

Filling the Talent Gap

The smart enterprise should also take note of what talent it needs to own and what talent it can “rent.” It’s an extension of the transformation already underway at many businesses to identify the functions that differentiate versus those that are important but don’t drive competitive advantage. At Uber, for example, accounting is non-strategic; the best possible ride-sharing app is the key to growth.

A Bitcoin Bottleneck for Data Centers?

Overall, the data center market is pleased to have yet another growth driver. But there are consequences. Facility build-outs take time, so there is the possibility of scarcity and pricing impacts in the short-term as data centers race to add capacity. Plus, an already tight labor market in many areas is all the tighter with another source of competition for top data center talent.

Down with the System: Disaggregation in Rack Scale Design

For many data center operators and cloud services providers, RSD might just mean an ability to better compete with the hyperscale providers like Google. That’s because RSD holds promise to deliver similar benefits as the supersize CSPs get from their purpose-built hardware and proprietary, software-based automation.

Rack Scale Coming of Age in 2018?

Perhaps as important as the current product ecosystem are the signs of rapid progress in RSD. Intel’s next version is anticipated, and the company is also expected to release reference code for using NVMe (non-volatile memory express) over Fabrics.

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