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Be an Early Adopter of Alternative VMAX3 Support

Have you ever said something like this: “I knew cloud technology was going to be a thing over a decade ago…”? We tech folks love being on the bleeding edge, especially if becoming an early

Integral Support for your HP Integrity Systems

HP integrity servers are steadily working their way toward end of support life (EOSL). In fact, the HP Integrity rx2800 i2 reached the end of OEM support availability last month (January 2019), leaving some customers

Coming April 2019— VMAX3 Support from Park Place Technologies

Park Place Technologies strives to offer the full range of hardware support contracts our customers are seeking on equipment from Cisco, IBM, HPE, NetApp, and many other manufacturers. For years, we’ve maintained clients’ Dell EMC VMAX systems, and now we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding our services to all VMAX3 models.

Add Third Party Maintenance to Your “Digital Toolbox”

Third party maintenance offers a refuge, absorbing the maintenance and support tasks that can otherwise overload the IT department. Although frequently billed as an alternative to OEM support contracts, third party maintenance from Park Place Technologies is actually much more.

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