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3 ways to cut costs through third-party hardware maintenance

Simply looking at initial purchasing fees compared with OEM extended warranties is not enough to adequately evaluate the financial situation surrounding data center hardware. Instead, IT managers need to look at costs throughout the entire hardware life cycle.

Can COTS Work with DevOps? Experts Say Yes!

The fact is, many organizations have made large, successful investments in COTs solutions and now they want DevOps to bring new tools to their sales teams, more competitive digital services to customers, and so on. But how can an accelerated development process integrate seamlessly with an inflexible back-end service?

DevOps Plus Cloud, More Than the Sum of the Parts

Cloud and DevOps offer synergistic opportunities, but this doesn’t mean that every organization must combine DevOps and the cloud. DevOps can aid non-cloud deployments, and agile and other strategies can be used in lieu of DevOps to deliver similar benefits for cloud-native apps.

What is DevOps…and More Importantly, Why?

The creation of apps and software and the implementation thereof are to be unified under DevOps. When done properly, the release cycle can sometimes be slashed from months to just days.

What is SD-WAN… and Why Do You Need It?

Before SD-WAN, multi-site enterprises were on the horns of a dilemma. They could go the expensive route, such as linking remote offices via MPLS. Or they could choose cheaper broadband options without the same functionality. It was nearly impossible to fully integrate both.

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