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Is the Data Center Disappearing?

Life for infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders is becoming more complicated. They must now manage interdependent systems comprising on- and off-premises capabilities and cloud- and non-cloud architectures.

An Overview of ParkView’s Multi-Layer Security Features

From the C suite to the data center floor, IT pros have been seeking better solutions for maximizing uptime to achieve the five- and six-nines availability commonly demanded today. In December, Park Place Technologies introduced

Do You Need Elastic Infrastructure? Maybe Not.

In a previous blog post, we discussed the differences between scalability and elasticity and hinted at something many organizations are finding—they don’t need as much elasticity as vendors are pushing on them. Getting a handle

Complacency Kills Uptime in Virtualized Environments

Risk is relative. For example, studies have shown that wearing seatbelts can reduce highway safety, while more padding on hockey and American football players can increase injuries. It’s called the Peltzman Effect and it describes

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