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Bitcoin tumbles, miners struggle, innovation doubles

Fundstrat has developed a model for assessing profitability based on three factors: the cost of equipment, electricity and other overheads such as maintaining cooling facilities. The breakeven cost for most miners is currently around $8,000.

Composable Infrastructure Advances SDDC Dreams

Fully optimized public cloud utilization is closer to 95%. Although that’s not all about architecture, composable infrastructure can help enterprises reach far higher utilization rates. Back-of-napkin estimates say twice the current utilization rate is within reach, so there is a very promising return on investment.

Cryptocurrencies: Maximizing Utilization Rates with New Models

Blockchain offers some interesting models for unused capacity, which ties to the concept of shared capacity referenced above. Much like Amazon Web Services sells excess capacity as spot instances, blockchain may have similar applications for a large-scale data center.

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and the Social Good

Speculation about the larger impacts of blockchain in the non-profit world, for social change, or for decentralizing the democracy or just the power grid lies in the wheelhouse of other specialists. From our seat in a multinational enterprise devoted to data center support and maintenance, we still see the potential for positive effects and use cases with broader benefit than simply watching a Bitcoin investment increase (or just as likely decrease) in value.

Preparing for Ransomware Attack Before It Happens

Sometimes the best architecture, the best tools, and constant vigilance over updates and settings are not enough to prevent virus penetration. Should technical defenses fail, users themselves can be the final source of protection.

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