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Contingency Planning for IBM iSeries 800 and 810 EOSL

Take this as a friendly reminder to identify a maintenance provider for the IBM eServer iSeries 800 and 810 ASAP. EOSL will arrive on October 30, but it’s possible—and surprisingly easy—to set up new coverage to “turn on” at the moment you need it.

Better data for a better end-user experience

The working world has changed immeasurably in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. More employees are working from home than ever before, putting greater strain on the secure VPNs they use to connect to company networks. With an increasingly dispersed and fragmented network, ensuring the best possible VPN performance is now crucial to keeping employees connected to business-critical applications.

How to Avoid Unnecessary Hardware Refreshes

Today’s uncertain public health environment is causing even greater quandaries. Many organizations are limiting capital expenditures, and IT leaders are under increased pressure to balance budget concerns, maximize return on existing hardware investments, and trim total cost of ownership, all while ensuring performance and reliability.

Actionable analytics enables outstanding network performance

Take the work out of network management with a solution that adapts to the rapidly changing requirements of your infrastructure. PVNA automatically discovers and polls the managed objects on your network, meaning that you can install the devices you need without worrying how they’ll integrate into the network.

How Third Party Maintenance Can Help Balance the 2020 IT Budget

One of the first adjustments many cash-strapped data centers will make is to revise their upgrade timelines. When money is tight, why replace perfectly functional hardware if there isn’t a compelling, performance- or capacity-related reason to do so? The OEMs, of course, discourage this behavior with end of support life dates, after which they will no longer maintain their equipment. But Park Place doesn’t follow their lead.

ParkView™ has been a game-changer for The Open University

Paul Alexander is Head of Technical Services for the STEM faculty at The Open University, which counts among its alumni Oscar winner Julie Christie, singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading and IT entrepreneur Natalya Kaspersky. The STEM Faculty

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