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November 04, 2013

With hundreds, and sometimes thousands of storage arrays, servers and network machines in the data center, a public Cloud Service Provider (CSP) has to grapple with many operational challenges, including the implications of network and application availability. While production systems are typically maintained by the OEM, test and development as well as disaster recovery environments are an ideal opportunity to use a third-party support provider.

By leveraging Park Place Technologies support plans, public cloud providers can increase their margins through reduced capital costs associated with extended OEM warranties for tier 2 and 3 equipment. Freed up funds can be reinvested in the form of new production equipment, or into other critical projects. Third-party maintenance providers create value by taking over the core tasks that power business. Cloud providers can achieve these gains by working with Park Place Technologies, the hardware maintenance provider that maintains the cloud.

Using hardware maintenance to deliver public cloud promises

Public cloud providers guarantee uptime, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Addressing escalating infrastructure costs in test and development and disaster recovery environments can provide a competitive advantage. Park Place Technologies can offer cloud vendors the cost-effective maintenance capabilities they need to reduce operational spending while ensuring uptime of second and third tier data center equipment.

Cloud computing makes the data center move at a fast pace and providers that want to maximize uptime and the value of their hardware must have a maintenance vendor that moves just as quickly. CSPs can expect a more responsive customer experience when engaging with Park Place Technologies. With a support focused business model, we offer a 24/7 US-based call center where you can reach a live person in seconds.

Park Place Technologies has developed innovative customer response workflows with a quick triage process that allows for immediate escalation to Level 3 engineers. Positioned globally, Park Place Technologies’ engineers can travel to client locations with the appropriate parts on hand, allowing for rapid issue resolution. This can create incredible value for CSPs dealing with service levels that feature heavy repercussions for downtime.

Creating revenue through hardware maintenance

In secondary environments, hardware support contracts can be simplified from an administrative standpoint. With Park Place Technologies, support agreements are consolidated and co-termed to share common expiration dates, with the ability to add and remove assets at anytime. From a service standpoint, vendors are also consolidated as we support all major OEMs beyond end of service life delivering lifetime equipment coverage. CSPs can achieve gains on the operational side of the business by working with Park Place Technologies, the hardware maintenance provider that maintains the cloud. To find out more about what cloud providers can gain through better hardware maintenance, call a Park Place Technologies cloud support specialist at 877-778-8707 or contact us.

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Eric Richardson, Marketing Operations Lead