ParkView Hub

ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ Agent Installation

Download the instructions here:

Agent Overview:

ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ uses a centralized agent to monitor devices. Please DO NOT install an agent on each endpoint.

To setup a ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ agent, please choose from the following options:

  • Pre-Packaged VM Appliance for VMware
  • Pre-Packaged VM Appliance for Hyper-V
  • Centralized Windows Installer – Must be Server 2012 R2 or later
  • Centralized Linux Installer

Please note that for most installations only ONE agent is required. Large installations with 25-plus devices or installations for devices across segmented networks may require additional agents.

Minimum Agent Requirements:

  • Pre-Packaged VM (VMware or Hyper-V): 2 CPU/4GB RAM/20GB HD
  • Windows installer: 2 CPU/4GB RAM/800MB HD
  • Linux installer: 2 CPU/4GB RAM/500MB HD

The hostname of the agent needs to be unique in our systems. Please DO NOT name the agent “parkview”, “parkviewagent”, “pvmonitor”, etc.

Acceptable names include using your organization in the hostname. For example, yourcompany-parkview. If your organization requires strict naming conventions – these can also be used.

Firewall Exceptions:

The agent requires an outbound only TCP connection on port 3183 or 443 to the following destinations:

Once you have made your ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ Agent choice and have the firewall rules in place, you can download the agent of choice from the Central Park Customer Portal:
> ParkView Hub > Agent Manager > Setup Agent > Install New Agent > Select Agent of Choice

Once installed and configured, you need to claim the agent to your account before you can begin configuring
assets for monitoring. You can complete this in the Central Park Customer Portal:
> ParkView Hub > Agent Manager > Setup Agent > Claim Existing Agent

If you need any assistance, please contact –