Bank Vontobel Chooses Entuity to Manage Global Network

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As a globally operating financial expert with Swiss roots, Vontobel specializes in wealth management, active asset management and investment solutions. We empower our colleagues to take ownership of their work and bring opportunities to life. Because we are convinced that successful investing starts with assuming personal responsibility. We relentlessly question the achieved, striving to exceed the goals and expectations of our clients.

Company Highlights

  • Company Size: 2,100 employees
  • Global Network: 26 offices
  • Network Management Software: Entuity network management

The Challenge—Meeting Expanding Business Needs
Managing its network effectively is key for any organization, but when you are a global investment bank it becomes a much bigger issue. Delivery of critical IT services and reliable uptime are a necessity for a financial institution. The Bank Vontobel IT department realized that to fully support the continued growth of the bank a few areas needed to be addressed:

  • Bank Vontobel analysts were relying on more and more financial data to research investment strategies. A fast turnaround receiving this financial data to the end-user was imperative for them to remain competitive in the marketplace.
  • Existing network management tools were not integrated, which hampered rapid network resolution.
  • Proactive management was required to view potential issues before they became a problem to minimize network outages.

Smart Investing for the Future
The IT team implemented a trial version of Entuity Network Management arranged and managed by their IT supplier, ITConcepts, an authorized Entuity Partner headquartered in Switzerland. Bank Vontobel found it extremely easy to use, unlike their cumbersome multi-product, network management tool set. With the trial a success, Bank Vontobel chose Entuity to manage their global network. When banks experience network outages, the old adage “time is money” hits home very hard and very fast. Because minimizing downtime was a key requirement for Bank Vontobel, Entuity’s capability to proactively manage the network was an important factor in their decision to roll out the solution.

Through its real-time monitoring of network devices, the Bank Vontobel IT staff detects, isolates and troubleshoots problems before they impact services to their end-users. This ultimately protects the bank’s revenues and ensures a higher quality of service delivery.

Various out-of-the-box reports add to the ease and accuracy of managing their network. The bank takes full advantage of these reports by placing them in Entuity custom dashboards, which they display on a big screen TV in the network operations center. The dashboards include the TopN Summary Report and an Events Summary, as well as network maps—all providing key visibility to any abnormal network events for rapid resolution.

In addition, the Spare Ports per Device report, Traffic Report, and Temperature Reports aid in capacity planning, alerting to bandwidth issues before things escalate to a serious state and monitoring temperatures in each data center for optimum performance.

“Entuity reports have helped us increase customer satisfaction throughout the entire organization. The reports give us details on possible problems before they affect the network,” states Bernhard Mändli, Bank Vontobel Senior Network Engineer.

“The ability to manage a wide range of network details, report on them and automatically have the reports emailed to various departments provides a transparency of network operations to the business and reflects a proactive, professional IT department.” There are so many facets to managing a network and Entuity has given Bank Vontobel the tools to keep service performance at high levels.

Entuity has positively impacted staffing needs as well. In the past, the old network management tools necessitated a full-time IT staff member to manage the network properly. Now, with the automation and operational efficiency gained using Entuity and integration of all the functionality (fault, event, configuration, events, topology, inventory, etc.) into one product, the company has seen a 70% reduction of the amount of time needed to manage their network. This means, thanks to the implementation, they can use 70% of a job function for other key IT projects.

An IT Management Approach Built Around Bank Vontobel’s Priorities
In conclusion, the addition of Entuity network management has brought new levels of visibility for accurate network monitoring. Bank Vontobel’s network is consistently in heavy demand from all parts of the world; it is always on 24/7. Real-time network data allows for IT to adjust capacity and allows adequate data traffic, ensuring all end-users get outstanding application responsiveness. It’s all about quick response times that help sustain Bank Vontobel’s standing as one of the premiere global investment banks.

The ability to manage a wide range of network details, report on them and automatically have the reports emailed to various departments provides a transparency of network operations to the business and reflects a proactive, professional IT department.
– Bernhard Mändli, Senior Network Engineer, Bank Vontobel

Proactive Management
Proactive management now keeps Bank Vontobel’s network performing at peak efficiency for the entire organization whether the user is in the United States, Switzerland or Asia.

“Overall our experience with Entuity Network Management has been great,” said Bernhard. “It has reduced the time it takes to manage the network by 70% and this administrative overhead reduction equips us with more time to handle valuable IT projects. Our IT staff is more effective with proactive policies in place to support our end-users and all these operational efficiencies are felt company-wide.”

Bank Vontobel’s IT organization has taken the steps necessary to position their network as a vital and reliable component contributing to the bank’s continued success.

About Entuity
Embracing the digital worldview, Entuity provides digital network analytics for the changing enterprise. Our highly automated, unified, enterprise-class solution puts deep network insight at your fingertips, frees IT staff to focus on strategic projects, and easily integrates with major framework environments. Entuity’s support and services teams are frequently praised for their rapid response, networking expertise and involvement in special engagements.