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Parker February 07, 2019

Park Place Technologies strives to offer the full range of hardware support contracts our customers are seeking on equipment from Cisco, IBM, HPE, NetApp, and many other manufacturers. For years, we’ve maintained clients’ Dell EMC VMAX systems, and now we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding our services to all VMAX3 All Flash models.

A Key Decision Point for VMAX3 All Flash

Customers should act quickly, because VMAX3 All Flash systems now fall into the “sweet spotGartner has identified for switching to alternative, non-OEM maintenance. Specifically, Gartner suggests the third to fourth year of equipment service life as a strategic inflection point at which customers should consider moving to a more affordable third party maintenance solution.

VMAX3 reached general availability in late 2014, so the product line just passed its fourth birthday. Many all-flash systems came on line in early 2016 so they are also entering the window of maximum opportunity for third party maintenance.

Some customers who think of alternative maintenance only after end-of-support-life may be wondering why they should choose a new partner for critical VMAX3 All Flash systems in 2019, when Dell EMC will support these arrays for some time to come. There are many reasons to do so.

The Long-Term Cost-Benefit Equation

For numbers types, support choices boil down to dollars spent versus dollars saved. This makes things easy—Park Place Technologies guarantees to ease the maintenance cost burden by 50% compared with OEM support. Such a significant annual budget impact will quickly add up over the remaining lifespan of any VMAX3 All Flash, and it makes selecting our third party maintenance solution a “no brainer,” as they say.

But it’s not just the cost-savings that should entice. We also represent a quantum leap forward in quality. Here are a few examples of the innovations and enhancements we offer:

  • Level III-only support.
    Yes, please let me talk to the least experienced engineer on your staff,” said no IT pro, ever. When a system has failed or downtime is looming, everyone wants to call in the big dog, the one who has seen the problem 1,000 times before and knows exactly what to do. So at Park Place, we put top-notch engineers, who have an average of 15+ years of direct experience, on the case right away. It’s why our first-time fix rates are the best in the industry.
  • An evolving customer portal.
    Tech people like technology to make their jobs easier. Enter our customer service portal, where trouble ticket filing, equipment tracking, and other services are a click away. Why should managing your IT hardware support needs be any more difficult than monitoring your bank account?
  • Proactive maintenance with ParkView.
    Even better than getting prompt, high-level response to any problem is not having a problem in the first place. Our ParkView 24/7 monitoring service is armed with machine learning to automatically detect faults and create detailed trouble tickets. This enables us to respond effectively, often before the customer experiences any complications at all.

Why wait to tap into these benefits of third party maintenance? Sticking with the OEM means paying too much for support only to suffer more downtime and less service quality.  If you’re ready to take your VMAX3 All Flash maintenance contract to a higher level, get ready now for Park Place VMAX3 All Flash support to start on April 1.

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