Enterprise Operations Center Opens at Cleveland Headquarters

April 22, 2021

Park Place reveals the new Enterprise Operation Center (EOC), a command center and mission control for all the ParkView Managed Services Offerings located in Cleveland.

A full crew of technical engineers began working in the Cleveland HQ Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) on April 14, leaving remote work behind for in-person collaboration in our brand-new Enterprise Operation Center.

The Enterprise Operation Center (EOC), command center and mission control for all the ParkView Managed Services Offerings, is a fully staffed 24x7x365 support facility providing collaborative workspace for Technical Engineers with multiple levels of certification and expertise delivering monitoring, remediation, and management of customer assets and infrastructure.

The EOC streamlines server and network management processes and simplifies the management of hybrid environments, supporting new technologies and ensuring outstanding customer experiences by offering tiered support levels:

  • Base: Monitoring and notification of incidents from ParkView Network and Server Management, along with recommendations and knowledge transfer
  • Plus: Remediation of critical incidents along with additional services like patch management.
  • Full: Management of the customer’s environment.

The EOC, three years in the making, will be one of the first impressions made on PPT HQ visitors. The glass-walled room projects the importance of the work that happens within the EOC, with eight clocks tracking global time zones and an interactive display screen wall that allows engineers to collaborate, study and remediate client issues. The wall screen facilitates collaboration with our Westborough-based EOC and other centers with built-in video conferencing to bring in remote resources to internal teams and external clients. The wall screen supports 32 different, simultaneous touchscreen points, with dashboards and relevant real-time data to interact easily and drill into specific customer issues.

A second EOC has been replicated in Park Place’s new Westborough facility and a third EOC will be opening in our new Cork facility in 2022.