Jewelry Retailer Receives Hardware Maintenance from Park Place

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'Service First' Sets Gold Standard or Jewelry Retailer


Pressure makes diamonds—and sometimes forges lasting relationships.

When a large Midwestern jewelry retailer fell on hard financial times, its cost-cutting needs began to alienate many of its vendors.

“They had large turnover within their organization, and communication was getting lost,” a Park Place Account Manager said. “They had many vendors telling them to ‘kick rocks’ because they weren’t able to get ahead on their renewals.”

As the jeweler struggled, it realized one company was there for them. The retailer’s main storage engineer continued to open support tickets through Park Place Technologies. Park Place fulfilled these tickets despite a pending deadline to renew support. Park Place’s “Service First” policy means serving a customer’s equipment to keep their data center up and running, even if the equipment isn’t under contract.

“We were there for them, from point A to point Z. They really relied on us,” their Park Place Account Manager said.


During the pandemic, the Jewelry retailer’s business increased, and the financial wellness of the company improved.

“They realized that Park Place had been a true asset. The main storage engineer remembered that Park Place had always been there for them,” their Account Manager said. “I would take calls with the storage manager, often at 9 o’clock at night, putting out fires, even with equipment not yet under contract. He was so thankful.”

When the client’s EMC equipment reached EOSL, and its needs grew beyond cost savings, the storage manager became an internal advocate for Park Place Technologies.

As it came time to discuss support for the retailer’s EOSL equipment, the Park Place Account Manager said the storage manager reported, “Park Place was really the only company there for us, that would still assist us. They were very responsive.”

Park Place understands that every organization has unique needs, especially when it comes to IT infrastructure support. “We’re truly a Service First company,” the Account Manager said. “When somebody is in in a pinch, we’re here to help them out. A lot of organizations don’t provide that right away. They want to get paid first before they service you.”


In addition to renewing its contracts and adding many more pieces of equipment, the jewelry retailer is now in the process of looking at ways to further optimize its IT infrastructure.

“Their growth kind of overwhelmed their IT team,” the Account Manager said. “Our goal is to implement ParkView. The initiative is there. We are now talking about server and storage management, and they love the idea of monitoring.

“We stuck with our client during tough times … they trust us and they’ll always listen to us. As they told us, “We know that Park Place is going to take care of us, no matter what.”

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