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HPE 3PAR Third Party Maintenance & Support

Take advantage of remote monitoring options for 3PAR storage equipment.

Leading HPE 3PAR Support and Maintenance

With Park Place Technologies, you can prolong the life of your HPE equipment past its warranty or end of service life. Get direct access to Park Place Technologies 3PAR support with our HPE server maintenance.

Originally introduced by 3PAR in 2003, 3PAR storage systems are designed specifically for virtual and cloud environments. Their inherent architecture supports flexibility and operational efficiency. This functionality made 3PAR an extremely popular company before it was purchased by HP in 2010. Since then, 3PAR storage users, which are generally government agencies, enterprise-class organizations and cloud vendors, have had to depend on HP support for many maintenance functions.

This presents a few key challenges because HP is capable of providing high-quality service, but it does so expensively. For cloud vendors, this can hurt the bottom line. Service providers have to find the ideal balance between maintaining older hardware and turning to new systems that will be covered by a warranty. Many OEMs use expensive support services to push customers to upgrade before they need to. Park Place Technologies’ 3PAR support is an ideal alternative to OEM storage support, providing superior services at a lower cost while extending the life of systems.

Supported HPE Devices

HPE has been at the cutting edge of innovation in recent years, releasing storage devices that keep your data centers running efficiently and at peak performance. When your HPE end of service life dates draw near, Park Place provides 3PAR third party support and maintenance for the following HPE devices:
    • HPE 3PAR E
    • HPE 3PAR F
    • HPE 3PAR S
    • HPE 3PAR T
    • HPE 3PAR V
    • HPE 3PAR 10000
    • HPE 3PAR 7000
    • HPE 3PAR 8000
    • HPE 3PAR 20450
    • HPE 3PAR 20800
    • HPE 3PAR 20840
    • HPE 3PAR 20850
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Flexible Service Levels

Park Place allows you to extend the life of your EOL 3PAR storage hardware by providing world-class HP 3PAR post-warranty maintenance that includes our fast and responsive 24/7 domestic call center.

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Initial phone-based diagnosis
  • Field Engineer on-site (if required) within 4 hours after customer contact
mobile phone used to get HPE server support

A Portal in Your Pocket

The first of its kind in the third-party IT maintenance category, PPTechMobile brings the self-service convenience of our customer portal (Central Park) right to your mobile devices.


  • Submit, edit and view incidents
  • Monitor escalation processes
  • Access all contracted assets
  • In order to use PPTechMobile, customers will first need to register for Central Park.
  • Learn more here.

Engineer Expertise

We employ a comprehensive team of field service and advanced L3 engineers that have an average of 15+ years of direct OEM experience with storage hardware. These teams are located in cities around the world and can be on-site at your facility within 4 hours. That’s professional HP 3PAR post-warranty support whenever you need it, wherever your storage hardware is located.
  • 600+
    Global Professionals
  • 15+
    Years Average Experience
  • 150K+
    Service Calls in 2021
Park Place Technologies Service Locations Map

Central Park Customer Portal

View all your assets and solve any issue with greater efficiency and improved response times. Central Park provides a single pane of glass that allows you to:
  • Get real-time visibility for all events
  • Submit a ticket
  • View open/closed tickets
  • View all active Park Place contracts
  • View all assets under contract (active or inactive)
  • Add equipment
  • Add, update, enable, and disable technical contacts per location