Dell VNX maintenance for data storage

EMC VNX Maintenance & Support

Receive Dell VNX support from a global leader.

World-Class Dell EMC VNX Support

Park Place Technologies can help you support your Dell EMC VNX storage equipment beyond its OEM end of service life or warranty with direct access to our technical support team.

The first entries in the EMC VNX storage line, which combines the CLARiiON SAN and Cellera NAS solutions, was released in the first quarter of 2011. The initial warranty on the original VNX systems expired approximately three years later, in the beginning of 2014. Companies using EMC VNX solutions should consider purchasing new hardware, investing in a second warranty from EMC or partnering with a dedicated third party data storage maintenance provider.

Park Place Technologies is now offering third party data center maintenance plans for the EMC VNX devices.

Supported Dell EMC VNX Devices

Park Place helps you prolong the useful life of your Dell EMC VNX server hardware by bringing you world-class support and service that includes our fast and responsive 24/7 domestic call center. Park Place Technologies supports the following VNX storage devices before and after they reach their Dell EMC EOL dates:
    • EMC VNX - Gen1 and Gen2 (see list)
    • EMC VNX5100
    • EMC VNX5200
    • EMC VNX5300
    • EMC VNX-F5000
    • EMC VNX-F7000
    • EMC VNX-VSS-100
    • EMC VNX5400
    • EMC VNX5500
    • EMC VNX5600
    • EMC VNX5700
    • EMC VNX5800
    • EMC VNX7500
    • EMC VNX7600
    • EMC VNX8000
    • EMC VNXe3100
    • EMC VNXe3150
    • EMC VNXe3300
woman providing EMC VNX support through headset

Flexible VNX SLAs

Park Place offers support for EMC VNX to extend the life of your Dell storage hardware by providing world-class Dell server support and maintenance that includes our fast and responsive 24/7 domestic call center. Park Place supports the following Dell devices:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Initial phone-based diagnosis
  • Field Engineer on-site (if required) within 4 hours after customer contact
support for EMC VNX mobile dashboard

A Portal in Your Pocket

As a leading 3rd party maintenance company, PPT has created a first of its kind app, PPTechMobile, that brings the self-service convenience of our customer portal (Central Park) right to your mobile devices.


  • Submit, edit and view incidents
  • Monitor escalation processes
  • Access all contracted assets
  • In order to use PPTechMobile, customers will first need to register for Central Park. Register here.

Engineer Expertise

We employ a veteran team of advanced L3 and field service engineers that have over 15 years of direct OEM experience with server hardware on average. These Dell VNX support teams are located in cities globally and can be on-site at your facility within 4 hours. That’s professional support whenever you need it, wherever your server hardware is located.
  • 600+
    Global Professionals
  • 15+
    Years Average Experience
  • 150K+
    Service Calls in 2021
Park Place Technologies Service Locations Map

Central Park Customer Portal

View all your assets and solve any issue with greater efficiency and improved response times. Central Park provides a single pane of glass that allows you to:
  • Get real-time visibility for all events
  • Submit a ticket
  • View open/closed tickets
  • View all active Park Place contracts
  • View all assets under contract (active or inactive)
  • Add equipment
  • Add, update, enable, and disable technical contacts per location