Park Place Technologies responds to growing demand for warranty management services

April 24, 2012

CLEVELAND, April 24, 2012 – As the economy continues to recover and more capital dollars are allotted to new IT projects, companies are struggling to dedicate adequate resources to the maintenance of their existing environment. Consequently, Park Place Technologies is seeing an increase in demand for their First Call Service as a means of supplementing their customer’s existing IT staff.

First Call Service allows Park Place Technologies to serve as the primary contact for all data center assets within an organization. Park Place Technologies’ core offering of post-warranty hardware maintenance targets devices that have gone beyond their OEM warranty, leaving customers dependent on the OEM for in-warranty equipment. Long wait times and lack of responsiveness on the part of the OEMs left Park Place Technologies’ customers frustrated with their in-warranty support. With Park Place Technologies’ First Call Service, customers can contact Park Place Technologies any time in the product lifecycle and receive an immediate response. Park Place Technologies will gather problem details, contact the service provider on behalf of the customer and monitor the incident status until the service event is resolved.

First Call Service provides integral benefits in three primary areas:

  • Vendor Management: First Call capabilities provide a single point of contact for all hardware maintenance requirements; simplify vendor relationships by eliminating the need to sort through paperwork from multiple vendors to solve a single problem.
  • Increased Responsiveness: Park Place Technologies customers receive an immediate response to their initial service calls, allowing them to reallocate their IT resources in response to a problem instead of sitting by the phone in an OEM call queue.
  • Coverage Continuity: Customers experience seamless service as assets roll off warranty and on to Park Place Technologies maintenance, eliminating any gaps in coverage. Park Place Technologies tracks the customer’s warranty expiration dates, simplifying contract management and warranty administration.

The demand for rapid response is rising quickly in the data center space, making First Call Service from Park Place Technologies critical for customers. The service can support systems from several major OEMs and is currently available for all US customers.

Park Place Technologies customers are also afforded several other value-added solutions. The company offers services to help operators migrate and consolidate their facilities, evaluate the performance capabilities of their data centers and complete hardware installation and upgrades. All of these value-added services are available to any customer using Park Place Technologies’ core maintenance offerings.

About the Author

Eric Richardson, Marketing Operations Lead