HP Enterprise Arrays: HP XP20K, HP XP24K, HP P9500 Support

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Drew Teller Published: October 13, 2014

HP XP20K, HP XP24K, and HP P9500 support just got better. With Care Pack costs showing no signs of decreasing, the introduction by Park Place Storage Technologies of maintenance contracts for HP’s enterprise arrays is welcome news for cash-strapped, as well as quality-seeking, IT managers.

Pick a Size

From a capacity standpoint, the newer HP P9500—based on Hitachi VSP rather than USP-V technology—could not replace the HP XP24K, according to Channel Register. Rather, it fits between the XP24K and its little brother, the XP20K. Together, these three arrays have offered data center managers the opportunity to select the right size storage system for their needs.

Park Place offers much the same flexibility to our clients. With our various levels of service—from Mission Critical 2- and 4-hour turnaround to our Support Together collaborative option—you’re not pushed into a one-size-fits-all HP support solution. You can select a service level for each piece of equipment, rather than a single SLA for the entire enterprise. As a result, you can scale up or back support costs based on the hardware’s criticality, and change support levels as your environment evolves.

If, for example, you have mission critical HP P9500s along with an XP24K for which Next Day on-site assistance would suffice, that’s great. We’ll price your contract and deliver service accordingly. And if you have equipment from other OEMs, that’s no problem either. We are a comprehensive multi-vendor maintenance provider.

Go Bulletproof or Go Home

The XP20K and XP24K were deemed “bulletproof” entry-level and full enterprise arrays respectively, and the P9500 was soon awarded the same adjective. IT managers love reliability, so bulletproof is precisely what is required.

You can make your HP enterprise arrays even more bulletproof with highest quality maintenance. Park Place one-ups the competition (including HP) in this regard through:

  • Access to engineering assistance. HP has some talented engineers, to be sure, but getting them on the line (let alone on site) is an escalation-process nightmare. Park Place on the other hand, has many former HP field engineers and similarly experienced talent, but we make them fully available to you. We assign a local engineer to your account and even put Level 3 personnel on our support lines, so you never deal with less-than-helpful staff.
  • Support that enhances your environment. Every contract comes with an up-front systems analysis, includes quarterly check-ins, and provides you up to four days’ worth of engineering time for non-break/fix issues. We’ll work with you proactively to improve reliability and performance, plan moves, deal with configuration issues, and more.
  • Comprehensiveness and cost-efficiency. The Park Place solution includes everything you’d expect, from remote monitoring to an online tracking portal, but the cost is 40% to 70% below an HP Care Pack. Getting a complete solution for less—it’s hard to argue with that.

The differences are many, but the benefits to our customers are easy to see.

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