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Patch Management Services

Streamlines IT operations with ParkView Server Management™ incident management, patch management and remediation.

A Trusted Patch Management Service Provider

Planning and installing patches to your environment and subsequent testing can be a time-consuming operation. Our experts have extensive experience in planning and performing these operations and know many of the pitfalls involved in patch and upgrade procedures.

What Our Patch Management Services Cover

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How Our Patch Management Services Work

Our managed patching services are one of the many functions available in our infrastructure managed services. From patch planning & deployment to governance, testing and remediation, our OS patching managed service helps improve the security of your most critical infrastructure.

  • Patch Governance
    • Our experts will work with your existing tools and processes. If your team does not have a defined patching structure, we will build a best-in-class change management governance template and execute.
  • Patch Planning & Deployment
    • Through our service you’ll receive a highly tested process of planning and deploying patches to your environments ensuring you are on current versions of your operating systems, hypervisors, and server applications.
  • Patch Testing Updates
    • We do not just apply the patch. Our team extensively tests the patching process to avoid any potential pitfalls in the upgrade. Add in our monitoring solution and you will have the comfort of knowing your devices are available and functioning after patching is complete.
  • Patch Remediation
    • In the unlikely event of a bad patch being deployed to the environment, our team will work with you to ensure that the patch is removed, or a rollback performed to return the environment to a fully functioning state.

What's Included

ParkView Managed Services™ works with your IT team to ensure seamless management of your environment resulting in increased agility, operational efficiencies, and more Uptime. Our full suite of infrastructure managed services empowers your team to efficiently Discover, Monitor, Support and Optimize your IT infrastructure including cloud computing environments. This allows your highly skilled team members to focus on bigger initiatives.
  • Proactive Monitoring

    Monitoring customers Network and Server environments for alert and events through ParkView Network Management and ParkView Server Management offering.

  • Customer Notified of Critical Events

    Converting alerts into actionable event notifications with recommended steps for remediation.

  • ParkView Engineer Engages

    Depending on your level of service (Base, Plus, or Full) a ParkView Engineer may perform triage, investigate, and perform a mutually agreed upon escalation procedures, including contacting 3rd party organizations e.g. ISP.

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