ParkView™ is Proven Time and Money Saver for Cincinnati Bell

Case Studies

In its first year since adopting ParkView™, a service that proactively detects faults in storage, server and networking hardware, Cincinnati Bell has seen demonstrable savings of time and money.

“We are saving over 8 hours per week by not having to travel to data centers and check on hardware,” said Robert Kruthaupt, Cincinnati Bell’s Senior Technology Team Leader. “This does not include the wear and tear for the vehicle savings.”

Gartner, Inc. a global research and advisory firm providing insights for leaders in IT, estimates that on average, it costs one administrator with a $123,000 annual salary to support 64:1 Windows OS instances. That translates to $160 in cost per OS instance, per month. Kruthaupt said, factoring in the ability to have the Park Place technician perform the repair, ParkView™ can “move the needle” on that ratio and allow clients’ administrators to manage more servers per FTE. That estimate doesn’t account for soft benefits such as travel time and overhead beyond the FTE.

“Across the landscape, Cincinnati Bell is attempting to automate where ever possible,” Kruthaupt said. “ParkView™ has helped with that challenge. We need to minimize downtime, and through predictive analysis, ParkView™ is helping us with application uptime. Business owners are happy, applications owners are happy, end users do not notice anything because there is no downtime”.