Texas Tech Storage Maintenance Case Study

Case Studies

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Dustin Jordan, Assistant Director of Technology Operations and Systems Management (TOSM) at the Texas Tech University System (TTUS), was faced with a dilemma. His relationship with Dell Inc., the OEM, was solid and the warranty maintenance for the servers and storage in his data centers were more than satisfactory.

However, support for his legacy server, storage and data center infrastructure assets were more difficult to obtain. His data center is 350 miles from the nearest metropolitan area, and third-party service providers he had talked to could not supply both the cost-effectiveness and flexibility that he needed. To avoid replacing expensive devices prematurely, he needed extraordinary maintenance and support.

Texas Tech is a major comprehensive research university and medical institution that provides higher education to liberal arts, technical and medical students in several locations across Texas. Mr. Jordan’s group of 14 full-time IT staff members supports hardware hosting and facilities management for servers and storage devices for the TTU system and its institutions.

TOSM’s responsibilities include server and storage hosting, server management, local and remote server backups and database hosting and management. His group is also responsible for hosting the ERP system shared by Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, which includes the student, finance, financial aid and human resource systems for those institutions.