3 Things You Must Know About Alternative IBM Server Maintenance (and Support for Other Products, Too)

IBM Maintenance

Paul Mercina February 25, 2020

The starting point for many customers is the budget, and third party IBM server support can help carve out more space for strategic projects.

First things first, IBM isn’t the only resource for IBM server support. There are alternative, non-OEM companies that will maintain IBM products, too, and these third-party providers offer an array of advantages over the standard support contracts.

It’s a topic about which Gartner analysts continue to answer end user questions, and written Market Guides and Competitive Profile research notes – reference the Garter documents via Portal access if you have a Gartner subscription:

– Lower Both Storage Acquisition and Ownership Costs by Using Third-Party Maintenance.  Gartner ID G00324284

– Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance.  Gartner ID G00414695
Unfortunately, when support decisions are looming, there’s often little time to dig into the details of OEM vs. third party maintenance. And this is how many organizations remain in the support status quo until thrown off by something like end of support life (EOSL) for an important piece of equipment or find that the cost of OEM maintenance for equipment that is out of warranty becomes prohibitive.

We know you’re busy, so what do you really need to know about alternative IBM support? Let’s get to it.

1. You can save big.

The starting point for many customers is the budget, and third party IBM server support can help carve out more space for strategic projects. Park Place Technologies can slash at least 50% off your OEM costs. It’s as easy as switching coverage.

2. You can take a step back from support.

While Budget may drive customers to alternative support, it is the excellence in service delivery that keeps them with us. Park Place Technologies does more to ease the support burden on enterprise IT pros, with expert engineers, hundreds of spare parts depots, and 24/7 global customer service.

We then take it a step further with tools like ParkView Automated Support, which detects server faults and instantly creates detailed trouble tickets. This system reduces clients’ alert fatigue and eliminates the need to continually birddog break/fix response.

3. The results will speak, loudly.

Great support is really about the outcomes. Park Place Technologies delivers a 31% faster mean time to repair and has notched a 97% first-time fix rate, higher than IBM’s. These statistics translate into greater uptime, and maybe even some congratulations from the C suite.

We’ve been talking specifically about servers. How can we not, given Big Blue’s history reaching back to the mainframe? But IBM has a wide range of products, from Storwize and FlashSystem to the XIV, TotalStorage and yes the zSeries mainframes. Park Place supports pretty much everything.

We have deep roots in IBM support stretching back decades. So if you’re ready to enhance your IBM maintenance while saving at least 50% off the price of an IBM support contract, request a free quote above. Click that yellow box and we’ll reply with everything you need to know to make a good support decision.

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Paul Mercina, Director, Product Management Marketing
Paul Mercina brings over 20 years of experience in IT center project management to Park Place Technologies, where he oversees the product roadmap, growing the services portfolio, end-to-end development and release of new services to the market. His work is informed by 10+ years at Diebold Nixdorf, where he worked closely with software development teams to introduce new service design, supporting implementation of direct operations in a number of countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe.