EMC VNX End Of Service Life Storage Support and Maintenance

The EMC VNX line of storage devices are nearing the end of their warranty period, and Park Place Technologies is beginning to offer support services for VNX users seeking an alternative to OEM support plans.

The VNX line of devices, which combines the CLARiiON SAN and Cellera NAS products into a single storage entity, was released by EMC during the first quarter of 2011. However, some IT managers are still using either CLARiiON or Cellera solutions individually, with CLARiiON use being much more common. The VNX-OE operating system is built on the same OS architectures used by the CLARiiON and Cellera systems, FLARE and DART respectively, allowing Park Place Technologies to provide support quickly. With many warranties from the VNX line set to run out during the early stages of 2014, IT managers may want to begin looking for alternative support options.

Looking at VNX support options

Working with Park Place Technologies could prove ideal for companies seeking a cost-efficient maintenance and support option. EMC support is well known for its quality, but also for being an expensive service model that can put a strain on IT budgets. A third-party hardware maintenance provider like Park Place Technologies can provide cost-efficient support. Furthermore, Park Place Technologies has ample experience supporting EMC devices, as the maintenance provider has long offered services for various EMC storage systems and understands many of the nuances of such solutions.

Who can benefit the most from third-party support?

Many IT managers could end up being impacted by the end-of-warranty period. Standalone CLARiiON and Cellera systems could already have reached the end of their warranty, and initial VNX systems will be the first to reach the end of their service warranty. Generally speaking, IT leaders using the VNXe3100, VNXe3150 and VNXe3300 could benefit considerably from third-party support because these devices represent the entry-level versions of the models. IT managers using entry-level solutions often choose such options because they have limited funds and need to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. Paying for EMC support may seem like a major fiscal burden under such a circumstance, making third-party maintenance a prime option because it can help IT leaders control costs.

IT managers using high-end VNX solutions, like the VNX5700 and VNX7500 also stand to gain considerably from a third-party maintenance plan. Such refined, sophisticated and high-capacity storage solutions are often used for as long as a decade to handle critical data storage functions. Paying for OEM support throughout that time could be extremely cost prohibitive. Furthermore, an early end-of-service-life (EOSL) date could lead to a premature hardware refresh. Working with Park Place Technologies alleviates both of these issues, creating incredible value.

The VNX5100, VNX5300 and VNX5500 mid-range storage devices are also impacted by the end-of-warranty date that is arriving in early 2014. IT managers using such devices could end up facing the pressures that both low-range and high-end VNX users have to deal with. On one hand, there may not be money in the budget to afford EMC support, on the other, these storage systems represent a significant investment and maximizing their value is critical. Third-party maintenance can be ideal in such a situation because the service positions IT managers to extend the life of storage hardware and maximize the return on investment associated with the technology.

IT departments are increasingly responsible to measure the revenue they can generate through strategic investments. This comes as emerging technologies enable IT leaders to take on a more strategic role in corporate operations. Taking advantage of third-party maintenance solutions for systems like VNX storage platforms can go a long way toward improving ROI.

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