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Third Party Maintenance

Parker April 22, 2021

How third party maintenance can help the healthcare industry accelerate digital transformation

The healthcare industry is facing immense challenges. Covid-19 underscored the importance of digital transformation to enhance resilience and enable digital health solutions. Not only that, patient expectations are shifting. Today’s healthcare consumers are more than willing to shop around, and they’re demanding care and support be more convenient, accessible, mobile, and patient-centric than ever before.

Unfortunately for medical institutions, large practices, and others in the healthcare sector, “keeping the lights on” functions often dominate the budget. This leaves healthcare enterprises to scrape together funds to support long-term, strategic objectives. When funds and attention are lacking, the result is frequently a series of Band-Aid solutions implemented to help the organization get by until comprehensive IT evolution can be achieved. All too often, these temporary fixes simply remain in place.

The good news is that a cure exists. Healthcare companies can hand off a significant proportion of their standard IT maintenance functions to a third-party provider. Doing so, they can enjoy lower costs and unburden internal staff. Together, these advantages can enable the IT organization to focus on big picture objectives and get rid of those short-term workarounds.

The “What” and “Why” of Third Party Maintenance

Third party maintenance, or TPM, as it’s known, is an alternative to the IT hardware support provided by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or in-house systems engineers acting on a DIY basis. An independent provider like Park Place Technologies assumes responsibility for supporting, repairing, upgrading, and repurposing a full range of IT systems, especially post-warranty and post-EOSL (end of support life) equipment.

Key features of TPM include:

  • Simplicity
    You gain a “one stop shop” for your support needs. Park Place covers hardware from all Tier 1 OEMs and will put all equipment on a single, flexible contract, so there’s no need to cobble together support from multiple OEMs. And when a problem arises, it’s clear who will respond.
  • Proactive maintenance
    Akin to the healthcare industry’s focus on preventative care, Park Place takes a proactive stance toward IT systems upkeep. Our service includes ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ to watch over equipment 24/7. This solution develops baselines specific to your environment and automatically alerts our support team at the first sign of a problem—sometimes before a failure occurs. We’re able to intervene earlier and thus more effectively, maximizing your uptime.
  • Responsive service
    There’s a lot of great technology behind a Park Place solution but also a lot of great people. We operate a global, “follow the sun” customer service center so clients can get questions answered and engage support at any time and in the local language. And our unrivaled bench of customer support and field engineers provides clients a level of expertise most healthcare companies find difficult to retain in-house.
  • Cost-savings
    Park Place offers better quality service than the OEMs without the risks of a DIY solution. Our support contracts are, however, surprisingly affordable. Healthcare enterprises will save money and benefit from other advantages, such as extended system lifespans, to drive bottom-line impacts.

Key Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

It’s all well and good to discuss features, but what does a Park Place Technologies support solution really mean for clients in the healthcare sector?

  • More funds for digital transformation
    Park Place maintenance helps keep systems operating at peak performance for years, and we support equipment after the OEMs’ end-of-support-life (EOSL) dates. This empowers clients to realize maximum ROI on each IT hardware investment and reduce capital expenditures. If you’ve been searching for funds to advance digital transformation, third party maintenance might be the answer.
  • Attention to strategic IT
    With Park Place support, your IT team avoids the hassles of troubleshooting and break/fix, so staff can address higher priority objectives. Whether you repurpose data center and field engineers or invest in additional talent, you have more options when you have Park Place support.
  • Maximum Uptime
    Healthcare enterprises do not deal well with downtime. Not only are providers’ operations often mission critical, patients now expect on-demand access to information and care. By boosting uptime and performance, we help clients deliver on their promises and cement their brand reputations.

After more than a year under pandemic conditions, IT leaders in the healthcare space don’t have much energy or money to spare. Nonetheless, it’s possible to accelerate technological change in the near-term by turning IT maintenance over to an affordable, responsive third-party maintenance provider.

Park Place Technologies offers a level of service commensurate with healthcare industry needs and patients’ expectations. Want to learn more? Please visit our Healthcare Hardware Maintenance & Support page for more information.

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