Add Third Party Maintenance to Your “Digital Toolbox”

Enhance Agility, Save Money, and Beat EOSL to Extend Hardware Lifespan

Over the past several years, IT pros have endured the debates about whether the data center is dead. Park Place leaders have had our say on the topic as well. Finally, we all seem to be reaching agreement that no IT element is being abandoned.

It’s another case of evolution, not revolution. Gartner’s latest terminology for describing the state of enterprise technology is the “digital toolbox.” Whatever empowers IT to support agility now fits the bill, whether it exists on premises, in a colocation facility, or is delivered by a cloud provider. Gartner limits its discussion to applications and solutions, recommending they be pre-architected for rapid incorporation within an organization’s security and compliance requirements.

But what about services and expertise? We’d argue that these are at least as important in driving the agility and flexibility IT organizations are seeking. In fact, the right partnerships are becoming increasingly important as the IT landscape becomes more complicated and internal resources are stretched thin by the drive toward digital transformation.

Third party maintenance offers a refuge, absorbing the maintenance and support tasks that can otherwise overload the IT department. Although frequently billed as an alternative to OEM support contracts, third party maintenance from Park Place Technologies is actually much more:

  • More responsive.
    We retain only Level III engineers, who are available by phone, through our online portal, or over email. There are no escalation procedures, no wait times, and no help desk frustrations on the way to reliable answers to your questions or issues. When break/fix is required, engineers are quickly on the way with spare parts in hand.
  • More proactive.
    Last year, we introduced the ParkView proactive maintenance service, taking traditional 24/7 remote monitoring to a new level with AI. The “always on” system learns the IT environment and indications of emerging faults in their earliest stages. When an emerging failure is detected, a trouble ticket is automatically filed, and Park Place’s engineering response is activated. The process couldn’t be easier or more impactful in maximizing uptime.
  • More affordable.
    Despite the fact that our contracts include more service and fewer restrictions than those offered by the OEMs, our prices are better—50% better on average. This makes third party maintenance an asset for equipment just coming out of warranty, as well as older and end-of-support-life (EOSL) gear that might otherwise be headed for the reclamation facility. Longer hardware lifespan—yeah, it’s another budget upside.

And guess what, there’s more to know! We cover a wide assortment of storage, server, and networking hardware and have experience working with organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to multinational corporations and cloud service providers. Find out how we can be a part of the digital toolbox that empowers you to reach your digital transformation goals. Get in touch today.